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Monday, September 4, 2017

Apparel & fashion trade shows are golden opportunities for companies involved in this sector to showcase their product range. Attended by globally renowned organizations as well as by the start ups in the apparel & fashion sector, a multitude of trade shows are held across the globe, with some of them becoming so much significant that they herald a new trend in this sector. Apart from providing the opportunity to showcase their product range, these trade shows also provide networking opportunities for the firms participating. It would be apt to state that if organizations involved in this sector are not participating in any of the fashion & apparel trade shows held across the globe, then they are failing to market themselves and their products properly.

 Apparel Trade Shows

As mentioned above, various apparel & fashion trade shows are held across the globe, some of these shows are Sourcing at Magic in Las Vegas, Panache Fashion Fiesta in Jaipur, Garment Technology Expo in Ahmedabad, India and many more. These shows are specially ideal for organizations that are in their growing stages, a fact understood by many start ups in this sector, resulting in their ever increasing participation in these shows.

Benefits of apparel & fashion trade shows
  • Apparel trade shows, fashion trade shows etc. offer great opportunities for those involved in these sectors to build connections in the fashion industry. To be precise, these shows offer unparalleled partnership opportunities for those taking part.
  • Moreover, the clothing trade shows, garment trade fairs held across the world also ensure the participants are abreast with the prevalent trends in the apparel industry.
  • Another advantage these shows provide to participants is that these help them get an idea of what their competitors are up to in terms of new ideas, new product launches etc
  • Instead of the high marketing costs in online as well as offline mediums, fashion trade shows, garment trade fairs etc. provide the requisite opportunity for apparel firms to create a buzz about themselves, that too at comparatively lesser cost.
  • The old adage of out of sight means out of mind holds very true for the apparel and fashion industry, participating in these shows ensure that does not happen
Marketing opportunities offered by apparel & fashion trade shows
Apparel trade shows, clothing trade shows etc. offer ample opportunities to firms engaged in this sector to market their products. To elaborate, these shows are great for
  •  Creating lasting impressions amongst prospective customers.
  • Face to face marketing of the product line
  • Very good lead generation, which will later translate into sales
  • Direct Sales opportunities
  • Ensuring small to medium sized firms are able to compete against global behemoths in the apparel & fashion industry

Monday, August 28, 2017

Gas Safety Devices
Majority of us have LPG gas cylinders or pipeline connection at home for cooking purpose. It is as a hydrocarbon based compound that serves as an efficient cooking fuel because of its complete combustion property. But, LPG can also pose a serious threat to lives and property if not handled carefully. As a highly inflammable gas, the leakage of gas can cause fire hazards. There are several Gas Safety Devices available today that can help you avoid leakage of gas connection. It is basically a regulator that minimizes the risk of gas leakage and save the precious LPG gas which is quite an expensive source of energy. 

These devices must be used with every gas connection to secure the link between the source of gas and burner. The regulator can be turned on and off when needed, with the help of a knob that effectively seals the opening of the cylinder. Now a days, there are advanced devices available in market with an automatic shut-off feature. It cuts off the gas supply from the cylinder whenever there is a crack in the tube or any other kind of leakage. Although it has auto-detection features but it is always advised to turn off the regulator when the burners are not in use or in case you are away from home for a long time. This is important as the manual shutting down of the device is a more secure way to prevent leakage. Some regulators have a level indicator incorporated in the device to notify you about the low level of gas and helps to get the cylinders refilled on time.

Here are some of the points that one should keep in mind while buying a Gas Safety Device:
  • The device should have advanced safety features such as Auto Shut-Off Valve, High Pressure Control Sensor, Leakage Testing Facility and Low Gas Level Indicator.
  • Check the standard ISO standard certifications on the product to make sure they comply with the safety guidelines
  • As safety is a major concern, do not buy duplicate products that are available at cheaper rates and inferior quality
  • Make sure you receive the insurance policy documents along with the regulator as it can help you claim insurance if needed. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Photo Albums
Photographs are an essential part of everyone's lives. Whether it be any special occasion like birthdays, marriages, baby birth or just some spontaneous moments in everyone's lives, photographs are an ideal way to preserve memories. Let's accept it, all of us regularly have those moments were we look at old photographs and suddenly become nostalgic and start reliving those past memories. The above written lines are more than enough to denote the importance of photo albums in our lives. In fact it won't be an exaggeration to state that photo albums hold a special place in our hearts and without them, a certain sense of emptiness would be there in our lives.

Photo albums come in all hues and designs, from small pocket held ones to large ones studded with other decorative. Some of the most commonly used photo albums are wedding album, digital photo album, traditional photo album, wooden photo album, handmade paper photo album and many more. Photo album manufacturers are consistently evolving their designs for better suitability to modern day trends. All of us must have seen unique and imaginatively designed photo albums and in some parts have been fascinated and in some parts have been blown over.

History of photo albums:

Though the exact earliest usage of photo albums remain unclear, it's commonly accepted that photo albums were first manufactured in the year 1860. The initial photo albums were designed with thick leather covers and had gilded gold pages. The albums we are talking about here held at most 48 photographs. These photo albums were family specific and were used as a family record. The opening page of the album had a recorded genealogy tree. On the inside pages, pictures were mounted on pages with openings cut in an oval shape at the top and square shape at the bottom. The albums included photographs of family members, family friends etc.

Types of photo albums:

Depending on usage, photo albums can be classified into the following types,

  • Home printed photo albums
  • Coffee table books
  • Digital photo books
  • Flush mount albums
  • Magazine style albums
  • Story book albums
  • History book albums
  • Matted albums

Nostalgia for future generations:

It's a common human trait that all of us want to know more about our past generations, see their pictures, study their lives etc. What better way to make this happen than to preserve memories through photographs in photo albums. Some decades down the line, when our future generations take a look at these albums, they will be filled with nostalgia. It would be a perfect way of reminding our future generations the story of our family, something which every person would like to know.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Modular toilets
It's a very disappointing fact that in spite of all the advancements in technology, medical science, standard of living of people etc., we still haven't been able to ensure hygienic and functioning bathrooms for all human beings. Governments and social organizations around the world have been endeavoring for the past many decades to provide functional bathrooms to everyone but all their efforts have met with very little success. This can primarily be attributed to pestering issues such as a lack of land availability to build toilets, issues relating to water availability etc.

All the aforementioned issues can be sorted out to a large extent by modular toilets. These toilets accord innumerable benefits over toilets that have been built the conventional way. Modular toilets are available in a large number of designs and specifications such as single modular toilets, twin modular toilets, household modular toilets, bio digester toilets etc.

Features of modular toilets:
  • These are easy to transport and erect at their intended location of use, even if the intended location is very remote
  • The modular toilets are made from materials that are inherently resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chips and winding
  • These work flawlessly even in the most adverse conditions
  • Modular toilets have the requisite tolerance to shocks, impacts and vibrations
  • These have a long functional life and require minimal maintenance, with only periodic cleaning enough for ensuring their optimum functionality
Some facts about modular toilets:
  • Although modular toilets were invented some decades ago, a large segment of the population ( including many people in decision making positions viewed these toilets with suspicion). According to them the logistical issues related with modular toilets would be so much that it wasn't feasible to use these toilets on a large scale
  • Modular toilets are ideal for use in mass toilet projects, where innumerable toilets are built for the general populace
  • Nowadays, these toilets are designed in such a way that they ensure easier access for people who are physically challenged
  • These toilets are also designed to ensure that these are easy to clean, this ensures optimal hygiene ( an essential requirement in all toilets)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wire ropes
Wire ropes are one of the most commonly used materials in industrial and commercial facilities. These ropes typically comprise of several strands of metal wires that have been twisted into a helix pattern. Also referred to as cables or cords, wire ropes are an absolute necessity in several sectors. Moreover, the importance of wire ropes can be gauged from the fact that almost every developing and developed nation has specific standards for these ropes that need to be conformed to. Although many metals can be used as the primary component in these ropes, the most widely used metal is steel. This is perhaps due to the fact that wire ropes made of steel are more reliable ( instances of steel wire ropes having mechanical failure are minimal).

Wire ropes come in various dimensions, specifications and with innumerable features. Owing to the above mentioned fact about these wire ropes being used in several sectors , the differences in design and functionality of various wire ropes is also considerable. Some notable wire ropes are steel wire ropes, annealed wire, PVC coated iron wire, Gi binding wire, umbrella rib wire etc.

History of wire ropes:

Historical references suggest that the modern wire rope was invented in the 1830's. The credit for it's invention goes to German mining engineer Wilhelm Albert. Afterwards, the wire ropes quickly became the material of choice for use in mining sector because of their superiority to metal chains or to ropes made of hemps. Likewise in the other sectors too, these ropes gradually became popular. In 1840, Robert Stirling Newall further improved on the design of these ropes, making them ideally suited for use in innumerable sectors. All through out the 19th century, the ropes evolved greatly, with consistent improvements in their design through some dexterous professionals who did what the two aforementioned people did. Even today, wire rope manufacturers consistently endeavor to improve upon the design of these ropes.

Features of wire ropes:

  • These are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chips and winding
  • Wire ropes are specifically designed with utmost emphasis given to ensuring their suitability to heavy duty applications
  • These have the requisite tolerance to high horizontal and vertical pressure
  • These work flawlessly well even in the most adverse weather conditions
  • The wire ropes have a long functional life and require minimal maintenance, only requiring a periodic servicing to keep them functioning properly
Application areas of wire ropes:

  •     Electronics and electrical industry
  •     Marine industry
  •     Aerospace industry
  •     Mining sector
  •     Transportation sector
  •     Construction sector
  •     Maintenance and repair facilities

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Packaging bags
Packaging bags are one of the most commonly used materials worldwide, with usage spanning domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. It won't be an exaggeration to state that packaging bags are an absolute necessity in our day to day lives and without them, we would have great difficulty in carrying on with our lives. Think about it, whether we go grocery shopping or we receive and send some work related stuff, packaging bags are always required. Moreover, these bags are sometimes also a source of branding for an organization and sometimes are even used to increase awareness about a particular issue.

Packaging bags are made from a wide variety of materials such as plastic, fabric,. Aluminum etc. These can be plain or can be printed with floral designs, attractive patterns etc. In fact the range of packaging bags available in the market today is so vast that it would be impossible to fully explain about them in a single write up. Let's just have a look at some of the most commonly used packaging bags, these are zipper bags, line bags, jumbo bags, cement bags, printed bopp bags etc. Moreover, one important thing has to be noted is that packaging bag manufacturers have been very inventive when it comes to the design of these bags and so in future packaging bags will further evolve and become even more user friendly.

Attributes of packaging bags:
  • A majority of packaging bags are designed in such a way so as to ensure they are very easy to handle and carry
  • Packaging bags provide the requisite protection to the material stored inside from adverse weather conditions
  • These bags do not allow the stored products inside to come in direct contact with any outside material
  • Nowadays, for commercial purposes, tamper proof packaging bags are used a majority of the times
  • In case of accidental drops, these bags provide the requisite protection to object stored inside
  • The bags are resistant to moisture, UV rays and can tolerate rough handling
Some creatively designed and attractive packaging bags:
  • Inventively designed transparent packaging bags that give a minimalistic look
  • Another design that is quite a rage these days is the amalgamation of multiple bright colors, giving the bags an eye catching look
  • Nowadays there's an increased trend towards using packaging bags that have a unique shape, mimicking the shape of things around us
  • Creatively designed bags that mirror the products stored inside. An example being the whole front area of bag carrying pendants being designed like a pendant itself
  • Since retro design never goes out of fashion, owing to the fact that people are always nostalgic about past events, packaging bags that give a sense of bygone eras are also preferred by a lot of people

Thursday, April 6, 2017

To put it in layman's term, essential oils are those that are generally obtained through the process of distillation and which have the odor as well as the characteristics of the source from which they are extracted or made. One important thing to note here is the fact that the field of essential oils is extremely vast and diverse. As a result of it, there are contradicting view points over many aspects, whether it be regarding their benefits, usage practices and sometimes simply over their definition. The aforementioned description of essential oils is a generic one and one which everyone involved in this field would largely agree to.

Essential Oil

Essential oils have been used in countries such as China and India for many centuries now. References to their usage can be found in old manuscripts and sometimes also in mythological legends. Moreover, the ancient wisdom relating to how to correctly formulate these oils and also their correct usage has been passed over from generation to generation in many families in these countries. As for medical science, until some years, a majority to the medical profession disputed the benefits of these oils, even going to the extent of lampooning them sometimes. Things have changed a lot over the last decade or so, with increased realization amongst medical science professionals about the benefits of essential oils.

Benefits of essential oils:

There are many inherent properties of essential oils that make them beneficial in a wide range of ways. These are ,
  • Tea tree, lavender and pine oils are ideal for use in curing ailments such as common cold, flu etc.
  • Essential oils such as organic sweet almond oil do wonders when applied on the body, these help in relaxing the body and also in the soothing of sore muscles
  • Tangerine and sandalwood oils are perfect for use in healing various skin conditions
  • Chamomile essential oil is perfect for providing relief in cases of joints pain
  • Since essential oils are made only from natural extracts, these have an unlimited shelf life
  • A majority of essential oils are suitable for use by people of all age groups
  • In some cases, the usage of essential oils has also been known to improve long term digestive issues
  • These are also helpful in reducing wrinkles

Uses of essential oils:
  • Although the usage of essential oils in allopathic medicines is still very less, these are very commonly used in herbal and ayurvedic medicines
  • These are also widely used in & as massage oils
  • Owing to their aforementioned benefits on skin, the oils are used in formulating various skin care products
  • The mixture of citronella and few other essential oils and warm water is a natural and very effective disinfectant
  • These also are natural mosquito repellants and are used in making bug sprays
  • Since these oils have inherent anti microbial properties, these can be used in homes to ensure cleaner air for occupants

Essential oils : Present and future

As mentioned above, the usage of essential oils has found greater acceptance in the medical field over the last couple of decades. Can we expect this to increase? Probably yes. Although there are still many people within the medical fraternity who think that essential oils are of no use, there are sufficient facts available ( almost all of them based on conclusive research ) which makes it possible for people involved in the medical field to change their minds. Another important reason that will aid in the usage growth of essential oils is the fact that compared to yesteryear, more and more people are preferring herbal and ayurvedic medicines over allopathic ones.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Wire Rope Hoists
It can be stated that wire rope hoists are one of the most commonly used machines in the construction sector and also across other industries.. The distinguishing feature of wire rope hoists is that these are generally attached to a drum or lift wheel, which in itself is attached by a wire rope. The hoists also have a lifting hook, enabling them to lift the heaviest loads. These hoists have been used since many decades, with their design greatly evolving from being simple in the earlier days to now being built as a unit in a single housing. These are ideal to lift and place a load of medium to heavy materials such as logs of wood, metals, bricks and many more.

Wire rope hoists are manufactured and are made available in different working mechanisms, sizes, dimensions etc. Some notable wire rope hoists are portable hoist, powered wire rope hoist, chain hoist, hoist drums and many more. Moreover, the firms engaged in manufacturing and supplying of wire rope hoists are constantly undertaking R & D to further improve on the existing design of these machines. Owing to these, attributes such as power efficiency, load lifting capacity of these machines are only expected to improve further.

Mode of operation of wire rope hoists:
Wire rope hoists can be,
  • Electrically operated
  • Manually operated
  • Pneumatically operated
Salient features of wire rope hoists:
  • These are easy to operate and have the requisite safety features for the operator
  • These are resistant to weathering i.e – work equally well even in adverse weather conditions
  • Wire rope hoists are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chips and winding
  • These have a long service life and require minimal maintenance
  • Wire rope hoists require very less floor space, thus increasing the overall efficiency at any industrial or commercial facility
  • These generally have a smooth acceleration without any load swing

Operation and maintenance instructions for wire rope hoists:
  • All processes such as assembly, installation, commissioning and the requisite tests during the erection of wire rope hoists should only be carried out by qualified personnel
  • All the electrical components on the hoists should only be tested by a trained electrician
  • Requisite safety measures such as wearing of protective gears, not standing under suspended loads should be followed during the operation of these
  • Exceeding the safe working load, transporting persons, pulling loads at an angle, pulling loads loose etc. should never be done
  • All parts of a wire rope hoist should be extensively tested periodically to ensure a defect free performance

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Industrial Tools
The term industrial tools encompasses a wide range of machines that are used in various industrial environments. Industrial tools are a necessity at any industrial facility, with factors such as overall productivity, efficiency etc. depending a lot on these. A wide range of materials are used for the manufacturing of these tools, with the material to be used depending solely on the end purpose of the tool. Some of the most common materials that are used in the aforementioned purpose are aluminum, steel, iron etc., with these sometimes being used individually and sometimes being used in combination for optimum suitability.

As mentioned above, industrial tools are available in a wide range of designs, specifications, features etc. These have evolved a lot since their earliest usage, with industrial tool manufacturers constantly undertaking R& D to improve upon their existing design. Some notable examples of industrial tools are acme tap, blanking tool, alligator shear, fly cutter, automotive hand tools, vice grip piler, stanley tool etc.

Salient attributes that all industrial tools have in common:
  • Tools that are operated by hand usually have an ergonomic design to provide better control
  • Owing to the wide variety of industrial tools available, all requirements of light to heavy duty usage can be fulfilled
  • These are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chips and winding
  • These are also resistant to moisture and UV rays
  • Almost all industrial tools are weathering resistant, these can operate flawlessly even in adverse weather conditions
  • These have a long service life and require minimal maintenance

Modes of operation of industrial tools:
Almost all industrial tools can be divided into four categories when it comes to their mode of operation. These are,
  •  Hand operated
  •  Hydraulically operated
  •  Pneumatically operated
  •  Electrically

Safety precautions to be kept in mind while using industrial tools:
  • Industrial tools should only be used for the particular purpose they were meant to be used for 
  • These should be periodically checked and inspected by trained personnel for any malfunctioning parts
  • Requisite safety measures such as wearing of hand gloves, body protection gear should be undertaken while operating these tools
  • The surface on which these tools are to be operated should be checked for stability beforehand
  • If any particular part of a tool has malfunctioned, only manufacturer approved part should be used as a replacement

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Iron Scrap
Technically the term iron scrap means disused or discarded pieces of iron that can be recycled or reworked. Generally a leftover of the manufacturing process in various industrial facilities, iron scraps are widely used in various parts of the globe, with usage spanning innumerable sectors. In fact, iron scrap reworking is a multi billion dollar industry in itself, with some of the most globally renowned firms being engaged in this sector. It won't be an exaggeration to state that if we look carefully, we can find one or two objects from our daily lives that have been made by reworking iron scrap.

Like all metal scraps, iron scraps are also available in different dimensions, sizes etc. Some notable ones are ferrous scrap, furnace slag, iron blocks, cast iron scrap etc. The usage of iron scraps has grown exponentially over the past few years. Until some decades ago, these were thought of as useless materials but over time with people realizing their immense benefits, these are now widely used for making objects, with the trend continuing to grow every year. Another important point to note here is that the usage of iron scraps has also been necessitated to some extent by increased environmental concerns the world over from metal waste.

Common uses of iron scraps:

  •  Iron scraps are increasingly being used in the construction sector for building of roads, bridges and other infrastructure
  • These are also used in the manufacturing of containers that are used by innumerable companies
  • These are used to make home furnishing items such as benches, tables etc..
  • Technological advancements have also enabled the usage of iron scraps to manufacture automobiles, aircraft and other modes of transportation
  • Some people also use iron scraps for artistic purposes, with a notable one being for making sculptures

Some facts about iron scraps:

  • Before being reused, iron scraps need to be specifically prepared. For fulfilling this purpose, mechanical processes such as bailing, briquetting, shearing etc. are undertake
  • None of the inherent properties of iron are lost during the reworking process. Thus it's safe to say that products made from iron scrap will have the same durability, reliability etc. as products made from unused iron
  • The usage of iron scraps for various production and construction purposes also provide cost savings
  • During the reworking process of these, some collective and individual hazards for personnel working around do exist, requiring the need for proper safety measures
  • As for the future, the market for iron scraps is only expected to grow, prompting more usage of these. This bodes very well as it will further lessen environment pollution due to metal waste