Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rubber Seals; Buy Right to Use Rightly

Rubber Seals
Rubber is reckoned for its elasticity. It is due to this feature of the rubber, it is widely used to manufacture a wide range of products ranging of industrial to household. One of its vital uses is in the making of sealants covering both industrial and household applications. Rubber seals are used in many ways, among those are in automotive industry and the other one is in domestic use. While making seals, malleability is the important feature that makes it capable of retaining the original form even in the compact space. However, Rubber Seals are not made purely from the rubber as rubber is soft in consistency thus it blended with the sponge rubber compound.

Before buying Rubber Seals, you should first understand its classification into various types, classes, and grades. These Seals are available in two types; Type C is used in the cold climatic conditions and Type W is used in the warm climate. Rubber Seals are available in three classes in which Class A is for Seals used in the aqueous liquid at a certain maximum service temperature, Class AT for aqueous liquids at an above maximum service temperature and last but not the least, Class N for the use with non-aqueous liquids. These are classified in various grades as per the hardness such as Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8.

Once you are clear with the grades, type, class, you are looking for, you have to match up these with the applications and then you will get the right Rubber Seals. These applications can be used in the sealing glass window, sealing storage compartments, sealing in architectural and engineering structures, for canning and food storage purposes, and more.