Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers in India

With the upcoming of major industrial revolution and more complicated or developed agricultural machines, the innovative farming methods have grown by leaps and bounds. Gone is the day when grains were harvested by hand in the scorching heat. Improved agricultural activities, over taken by wheeled and threshing machines, which cuts and separates the seeds in a continuity, has enhanced the productivity and standard of living of countless farmers. Agricultural Equipments are machines used for reducing the labor and helping farmers with the emerging hassle free processing.

Presently, a number of machinery is available to increase the agricultural production capacity, which was initially brought by the Green Revolution. Numerous equipments are now available for testing and finalizing the best quality seeds, plant protection, irrigating facilities and recuperating farming techniques. Coping with this emerging increased demand of agricultural machines in the industry are the Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers, who provide latest technical equipments for the development of agricultural practices in India. The production of agricultural machinery is multifarious, which includes small scale units and industries, village craftsmen, various corporations for development, organized machines and equipment industry.

The production of farm machinery has to be in accord with the specifications laid down by the BIS. Besides, the government have also stipulated testing centers and codes for the further promotion of machines. Though multiple manufactures are settling in the industry, but only a few can be relied upon for the fair and perfect production process. Procurement of quality certificate is a must for the sale of agricultural machinery as per the government schemes. The manufacturers need to follow certain standards of quality regarding safety, designs, installation, operations and health hazards, to name a few. Here are some important facts, a manufacturer should be aware of:

The manufactures should benefit all types of farmers, not just a selected group

  • A fair and just standard of living for all farmers need to be secured by these manufacturers by providing them machinery at reasonable price
  • Agricultural equipments not just actualize the growth but also creates employment in the rural areas
  • His immeasurable contribution is towards the strengthening the rural infrastructure and hence supports much faster development
  • Their objective should be meeting the planned growth of agricultural industry, not their individual profit