Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Essential Tractor Parts You Should Know

tractor parts
Tractors have become an inevitable part of modern agriculture. Versatility of these powerful machines makes them the workhorses of the agricultural sector. Be it plowing, planting, grading and mowing, they can execute every single task with excellence. But what is it that makes them so powerful? Let us discuss some of the essential tractor parts geared to add efficacy to them.


The engine is the powerhouse of a tractor. It can run on kerosene, ethanol as well as gasoline. Some modern engines also go well with diesel and bio-diesel. The sizes of the powerful engines range from 18 to 575 horsepower giving them supremacy to tackle any farm job.


The classic design of tractors parts includes two large rear wheels with two smaller front wheels. But with changing time and technology, their configuration has also been changed to suit the modern needs and working conditions. For wet or heavy soil applications, wheels are replaced by tracks like of a tank. Moreover, four wheels are available for other areas.

Continuous variable transmissions (CVT)

Older model of tractor parts manufacturers come with manual transmissions that are completely unsynchronized affect their efficacy. With manual transmissions, a tractor has to be stopped before shifting gears that only makes the driver inconvenient. But, latest tractors feature with continuously variable transmissions (CVT) that are completely synchronized. They allow driver to shift gears to unlimited numbers without any stoppage that assures better fuel efficiency.


Tractor hitches harness the power generated by engines. Available in the form of fixed mounts, three-point, draw bars hitches and quick hitches, they transfer the power from engine to implements like seeders, plows, tillers, mowers and so on.