Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Latest Nautical Clocks in Traditional and Contemporary Designs

Nautical Clocks
Nautical clocks remind us of a bygone era, although it is widely used in ships to get the exact timings, date, and longitude on the sea. Wide range of designs varying from contemporary to traditional makes the perfect setting in the interiors. Attractive styles and varied sizes are available in the market based on the preferences of the customers. Many Nautical Clocks Manufacturers have introduced stunning edges and finish of different colors that add to the beauty of the products. Customers’ choices and specifications in designs are always kept in mind. Apart from being functional, each of the pieces has high functional value. It is not just the appeal of the clocks that draws the attention of the buyers but also the uses.

Before buying a Nautical Clock, you should first understand the importance of Nautical Timings. These types of clocks are mostly used on ships and thus also known as Ship Clocks. Time on Ship has to be mentioned along with zonal description wherein number of hours is added to zone to achieve exact GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, a time system denoting the mean solar time in Greenwich, London, at Royal Observatory). Nautical Time Zone System refers the exact terrestrial time zone, which is used on high seas. According to the system, time changes initiate the changes in longitude in every one hour gap. This gap corresponds to the time zone on the 15 degree longitude. Nautical Time Zones (Nautical Standard Time Zones) are implied by not drawn on the maps.