Friday, November 9, 2012

Production and Uses of Aluminum Silicate

Aluminum Silicate
As a chemistry student, you must know that Aluminum Silicate has chemical formula, Al2SiO3, finds extensive usage in various industries. It is used as filler and anti-settling agent in paint and semi reinforcing agent in rubber. Aluminum Silicate is developed using precipitation method or simply by processing natural occurring minerals. However, precipitation method is mostly adopted as the product the developed from it exhibit better properties as compared to others owing to the features such as smaller sizes, and high strength value. This type of process requires a large tank in the Aluminum Silicate is precipitated and then filtered, washed dried, and then micronized to prevent contamination. Through this process, various properties are achieved in different grades and specifications as per the requirement of the customers.

When used in paints, Aluminum Silicate assure faster surface and complete drying with quality abrasive treatment. It also acts as anti-setting agent for pigment and fillers by balancing the viscosity level over a longer period of time. Moreover, these are classified under the basic and thus remain stable at storage temperature. It also initiates interaction with polymer thereby changing the chemical composition.

High quality Aluminum Silicate is available with manufacturers in different grades and specification. With emerging trends, Aluminum Silicate Manufacturers are available on Internet offering premium products at competitive prices. These manufacturers are present on their websites giving all the details of the product so that customers can easily contact them. Quality traits, properties, packaging, payment, and delivery details are available to render prompt and reliable services to the customers.