Saturday, April 27, 2013

Need for Sedimentation Units to purify water

Sedimentation Units
Water is used for several industrial processes and also for drinking, in order to obtain pure and safe water use Sedimentation Units. These units are designed in such a way that they eliminate contaminants from water and make it safe for industrial purposes and for drinking. There are numerous companies from whom one can directly purchase these units.


Sedimentation is a process through which suspended materials move down due to gravitational force. These materials can be either clay, sand, silt or other macro particles. Most of the sedimentation units are divided into various zones such as inlet zone, settling zone, sludge zone and outlet zone. Settling zone is considered as largest zone of these units. Sludge zone is usually located at the base of these units.

There are various portable units which help for cleaning water by the process of sedimentation. Most of these units have cartridge filter which removes various suspended materials from water. Contaminants like dissolved hydrogen or manganese sulfide and iron can be easily removed with the help of these portable filters. The untreated water enters the unit through an inlet and the suspended particles usually accumulate over the filter. The filter is situated within proper filter housing and the filtered water comes out through an outlet.

One can also look for carbon based Sedimentation Units for eliminating suspended particles from water. These units effectively remove chlorine, pathogens and lead along with sand and silt from water. Some of the units which remove particles by sedimentation process operate in multiple stages. They initially remove the sediments from water flowing through taps. Then in the second stage they effectively remove chlorine from water. In the third and the final stage they remove other impurities and chemicals from water.


The manufacturing companies strictly follow industrial standards while manufacturing these units. They monitor the design and the entire process of manufacturing very carefully. These manufacturing companies purchase the raw materials directly from well known vendors. One can buy these units at a much lower price directly from these manufacturing companies.


While purchasing one should always look for a renowned company or dealer. Most of these renowned companies and dealers offer their customers to choose from wide range of units. They even modify the designs and the shapes of these units as per the specifications given by clients. One can even browse online portals to purchase these units.