Friday, April 26, 2013

Selecting suitable Gluing Machines

Gluing machines
Gluing machines are mechanical device which is used for applying glues and additives to any substrate. There are various types of glue machines which are used in different industries. One can choose from single roller machine, machine equipped with automatic feeding system and two roller machine. There are several manufacturers and dealers from where one can purchase these machines.


Hot melt single roller type of machine is used for uniform coating of EVA materials, sponge and pearl cotton. These types of machines have compact structure and novel design. The automatic control of these machines has made them convenient and simple to operate. One can adjust the running speed of these machines very easily. These machines have glue groves which prevent leakage of adhesive. The glue spread amount is also adjustable.

One can opt for two roller machine type which is ideal for handling hot and cold glue operation. Most of these machines have motor drive of around 230 volt of alternating current or around 400 volt of direct current. These machines come with additional attachments such as circulation pump for glue, glue tray and rollers, attachment for hot glue and pressure bar. Some of these machines also come with suction feeder which can be operated automatically.

Top side machine for gluing is also very popular among users. These machines are available in different sizes. Some of these machines are devoid of conveyors while some might have vacuum conveyors. The glue trays which come with these machines are usually made from stainless steel.

Some Gluing machines are used for gluing of card boards, plastic materials and cartons and these machines are double sided machines. Some manufacturers also offer suitable adhesives and glues along with these machines to their customers. These glues work well with the specified machine.

There are machines which can be used for gluing and folding operations. These machines have batch and product counter and also a meter to measure the production rate. The manufacturers can alter the design and the functional aspects of these machines as per the requirement of clients.


One can purchase these machines at a much lower price directly from the dealers and manufactures. One should look for a renowned manufacturing company to purchase these machines. One should always check the components of these machines carefully before purchasing. With the help of online portals one can find out more information about the machines.