Monday, May 27, 2013

Carton Folding Machine and its various mechanisms

Carton Folding Machine
Carton Folding Machine is used to fold cartons for packaging various products. Paperboard is used to make folding cartons which are cut, folded, printed and laminated for transporting it to the manufacturers. When the cartons are shipped to the manufacturers it is flat and the manufacturers have their own folding machinery to fold and give shape to the cartons according to the shape of the container of a product like cereal box.

The packages are done with folding carton of cylinder boards which are made from pulp of scrap paper which are reprocessed. The food materials are packed with the cartons of higher grade made from lighter board of solid sulfate. The thickness of the boards has the limitation to 0.032 inches or 0.81 mm because of the constraints of cutting machinery. Folding cartons have the constraint of holding a few kilograms or pounds of material. The size of a folding carton is significant because the product should fit in the particular carton. Basic folding cartons have three dimensions which are length, width and depth. In the direction of the X axis lays the length, in the dimension of Z axis lie the width and in the dimension of Y axis lie the depth. The middle of the score is measured to determine the size of the carton. Measurements are taken at 1/16 th of an inch at least to ensure accuracy

A packaging machine is the cartoning machine which forms erect, folded, close, sealed and seamed cartons. These packaging machines are used to form a carton board which is a blank single carton with a product or number of products or a bag of products to be filled in it. After filling the products the machine is engaged in its slots or tabs for applying adhesives and both ends of the carton is closed by completely sealing the carton.

There are two types of cartoning machines which include vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine. The horizontal packaging machine is engaged in picking and erecting a single piece from the stack of folded cartons to fill with a product or a number of products or bag of products horizontally through the end which is open and the end flaps of the carton are tucked for closing by applying adhesive or glue. Pressurized air or mechanical sleeve is used to push the products in the cartons. There are many applications where the products are inserted manually into the carton. The packaging machines are used for packaging confectionery, food stuffs, medicine, sundry goods, cosmetics etc.

The vertical cartoning machine from the stack of cartons erects a folded carton and fills it with a product or bag of products or a number of products vertically through the end which is open and end flaps of the carton are tucked either by applying adhesive or glue. These vertical cartoning machines are also called top end cartoning machines. These packaging machines are used in packaging confectionery, bottled foodstuffs, cosmetics, medicines etc.

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