Thursday, May 30, 2013

Different types of Shoes Material used in footwear industry

Shoes Material
Shoes are no more a mere medium of covering the feet, but have emerged as an important part of modern fashion as well. The history of shoes dates back thousands of years when mainly clothes and animal fabric were used to cover the feet and parts of the legs. Nowadays the footwear industry is one of the most important parts of global economy and mainly responsible for the introduction of different kinds of shoes into the market at regular intervals. Shoes have become a part and parcel of modern fashion and any fashionable attire is incomplete without shoes. There are mainly three types of Shoes Material used in the footwear industry in the manufacturing of shoes.


Leather is probable the most widely used and the most preferred raw material as far as making shoes are concerned. Leather shoes are costlier than other shoes as genuine leather is hard to obtain and gives an elegant touch to the overall look of the wearer. The main advantage of using leather shoes is that they are durable and can retain the glaze for a long time. Leather shoes can be worn in all seasons, in rainwater and in scorching sunlight. Hence, leather is the most sought after material as far as shoes are concerned.

Synthetic elements

Of late several synthetic and artificial elements like plastic and Rexine have become widely used in shoes. The shoes made from these materials are light in weight and are a lot cheaper. They are meant for rough uses and generally last long even if used vividly. However, it is to be kept in mind that due to the presence of artificial chemicals these materials may not suit everyone, so whether or not the material suits with the skin is something the users need to judge carefully.


Textile is also widely used in the making of shoes nowadays. Shoes that are made of colored and printed textiles are generally propagated as a part of casual wear whereas plain textiles are generally used in sports shoes. Shoes made of textile are extremely comfortable as they help in circulation of air inside the shoe.

Most footwear companies sell all sorts of shoes to buyers, though there are some that specialize in leather shoes or sports shoes. It is also possible to place an order for shoes online nowadays. However, it is important to check the Shoes Material and mention the required size properly while placing an order.