Saturday, May 25, 2013

Different types of Door Fittings

Door Fittings
Door Fittings
Door Fittings are attached to a door which enhances its appearance and functionality. The existence of the door would be meaningless without these fittings because only a structure does not have any operability. These fittings make the door operable which is then utilized for various purposes. A wide array of door fittings are there, some of which include-


The door is opened or closed with the mechanism of a handle. Door handles are either lever operated which are door latch or can be fixed. The round operating systems of a door are called door knobs. Depending upon the decorative style, local culture or owner preference, door handles can be situated a few centimeters or inches away from the door edge to the door’s exactly at the center. The distance from the center of the handle to the edge of the door is called the backset. The household doors are operated with simple mechanism of a spindle or screw style axis. Through the jigger, the spindle of a door can pass which leaves space for attaching the handles on each side of the door. Some handles are attached directly onto the spindle with sliding or screwing on both sides. There are 4 types of household handles which are Entrance Handle that include keyed cylinders and are used on exterior doors.  The other handles are dummy, passage and privacy.


The bearings used to connect two solid objects which allow an angle of rotation between these objects are known as hinges.  A fixed axis of rotation is used by an ideal hinge to connect two objects. Hinges are made of moving components or flexible materials. There are various types of door hinges, some of which include-

Pivot hinges- these hinges pivot in top of the door frame or openings in the floor. These hinges are also known as double acting hinges and are found in dry stone buildings.

Barrel hinge- this hinge is secured by a pivot which is a sectional barrel. One of the components of this hinge is a barrel which consists of cylinder shaped barrel with a pivot where rotational bearing force is applied and also consists of a section with screw shape to drive and fasten the pivot.

Continuous hinges-
these hinges are called piano hinges which run along the entire length of the panel or door. These hinges are fabricated without or with holes. These hinges are available in various pin diameters, thickness and knuckle lengths.


Electronic or mechanical fastening devices which are released by any physical object like keycard, security token, key, fingerprint or RFID card by supplying a combination of secret information are known as locks. There are various types of locks some of which are-

Pin tumbler lock- this lock is prevented from opening by a set of pins unless the appropriate key is inserted. Series of grooves are present on either side of the blade of the key which limits it to slide into it. The horizontal grooves present on the blade align as the key is slide into the lock allowing it to enter the cylinder.

There are other types of locks like warded lock, level tumbler lock, disc tumbler lock, wafer tumbler lock etc. All types of Door Fittings are available online. Persons interested in purchasing these can browse the official websites of the manufacturers to directly avail these fittings from them.