Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shoes material which are used in different parts of a shoe

Shoes Material
Shoes material refers to all the materials that are used in making shoes. These materials are used in making different parts of the shoes. A shoe consists of several parts like upper part or the vamp, lining, heel, lace, tongue, insole, outsole etc. and each part is created separately with different materials and then these are attached to get the complete look of a shoe.

The sole of a shoe is the bottom part which has contact with the surface of the ground. Variety of materials are used in making the sole which include polyvinyl chloride or PVC, polyurethane and the most common is natural rubber. Sole can be made of single layer or single material or can be complex with the use of multiple materials or layers. The various layers of soles are outsole, midsole or insole.

Synthetic non woven board or cellulosic paper board is used for making the insoles of shoes. The interior bottom is the insole of the shoe that is under the footbed or beneath the foot. Insoles are also called sock liner. Many shoes consist of replaceable or removable footbeds. The outsoles of the shoes have direct contact with the surface of the ground. The dress shoes consist of resin or leather outsoles. Work oriented or casual shoes have outsoles made of synthetic material such as polyurethane or natural rubber. Some of the shoes consist of heel on the sole which has a rubber plate that provides traction and durability whereas leather is used in the front for style.

The heel of the shoe is the bottom rear part which supports the foot’s heel and is made of same material like the sole. Heels are also made of natural rubber, PVC or polyurethane. The heels are made with same materials like that of sole to provide additional support because most of the shoes consist of raised heels which need to be durable and strong. The upper part of the shoe helps to hold the foot. In flip flops and sandals the upper part consists of strap which helps in tightening the foot. The straps are made of materials like plastic, rubber or leather.

The closed footwear like shoes of men, boots, snickers consists of a complex upper portion and the materials used include canvas fabric, leather etc. The upper portion is also decorated with different materials for attraction. The materials of decoration can include a variety of buckles, plastic stickers etc. The upper portion is joined by a strip of leather, plastic or rubber with the sole and the strip is stitched between the sole and the upper portion which is known as welt.

Most of the shoes, on the upper portion consist of mechanism of straps and laces with zippers, buckles, velcro straps, elastic, snaps, buttons which helps in tightening the upper portion on the foot. There are tongues with laces on the upper portion of the shoes. Tongue helps the foot to be abrasion free from laces and also locks the opening of the laces. Tongues are made of same material as that of the upper portion. There are hooks and eyelets of metals on the laces of the upper portion to loosen or tighten the laces and also prevent from tearing off the lace. At the end of the lace there is an aglet which is the protective covering.

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