Thursday, May 2, 2013

Various types of Electric Power Tools

Electric Power Tools
Electric Power Tools are hand tools operated by mechanism or additional power source other than manual labour. Electric motors are used by most of the power tools. Compressed air and internal combustion engines are also used. Other sources of power include direct burning of propellants and fuels, steam engines or natural power sources like moving water or wind.

These power tools are used in construction, in industry, in garden, in household chores like cleaning, cooking,  and around the houses for multiple purposes like cutting, drilling, driving, shaping, grinding, sanding, routing, painting, polishing, heating and many more. The complex task is simplified by the technique of using these power tools and that is why the term power tool is referred a buzzword.


These power tools are of two types which include portable and stationary. The portable tools are hand held and have the advantages of mobility. The accuracy and speed are provided by the stationary power tools. These are generally called machine tools and are used for metalworking. These machine tools include bench grinders, drill presses etc. which are also used for wood working. 


Some of the Electric Power Tools are:
  1. Drill- the tool that is fitted with a driving tool attachment or cutting tool attachment is referred to as a drill. A driver bit or a drill bit is used with fasteners for fastening various materials or drilling holes in various objects. The attachment when pressed against the targeted material is rotated and at one end it is gripped by a chuck. In the target material the work of cutting is done by the cutting tool with the edges and tip of the tool.  This includes oil drilling where small particles are grinded off, auger bits or twist drills which involve thin shavings slicing off, in SDS masonry drill the pieces of the work piece are removed and crushed, it also includes counter boring, counter sinking etc.
  2. String trimmer- it is called a weed wacker or a weed eater. It is a handheld device which is powered and it utilizes for cutting grass, plants or other objects by a flexible monofilament line. The long shaft’s end consists of a cutting head with handles and it also includes a shoulder strap.
  3. Circular saw- it is a machine that uses a sharp metal cutting blade or disc. The blade can be table mounted or hand held and are used to cut materials using the blade.
The other common Electric Power Tools include angle grinder, miter saw, disc sander, grinding machine, vacuum cleaner, lathe, power wrench etc.

These tools are available in the online shopping marts. Persons interested in purchasing these can browse through the web and can directly get these from the manufacturers.