Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wooden Handicrafts Items - Ideal for Your Home Decor

Wooden HandicraftsWood is one of the most widely found materials in the world and so they have been used as a reliable raw material for handicrafts from time immemorial. Handicrafts are the main identity of the culture and tradition of a particular place and so are widely regarded to be some of the most costly products, not in terms of money but in terms of value. Wooden handicrafts are found in different countries that have a long history of indigenous human civilization and that have been able to retain their age old traditions and cultures.

The use of wood

The history of handicrafts dates back to thousands of years, much before the advent of urbanization. In the pastoral life of prehistoric times, woods formed an important part of daily life. Much before the discovery of metals, woods and rocks were the only hard and durable substances that human beings were able to make use of. Hence, woods became a favorite substance for making handicrafts. The durability as well as softness of woods made it possible for early artists to curve different shapes on wooden surface that would last for thousands of years.

Handicraft products

Handicrafts are the cultural, traditional as well as historical identity of a place. As a result handicrafts of one place differ from the other in many aspects. The most widely found handicrafts made of woods are pen holders, decorative items, lamp shades and coasters. Though there is hardly any scope of exhibiting culture and tradition through these products, wooden wall hangings and other decorative items can be an effective way of upholding the culture and tradition. Handicrafts are generally produced by skilled artisans essentially with hands and with some basic tools. Therefore, these products always have a personal touch when compared to machine made decorative items.

Most of the wooden handicrafts in the world are produced in rural areas by artisans engaged in the work for generations. However, in order to make the availability of Wooden Handicrafts better, many companies collect these goods from the artisans and sell them to buyers. The artisans, thus, do not have to think much about selling their products and on the other hand the buyers also get these products quite easily. There are many online stores who facilitate the purchase and sale of these products at affordable rates. Buyers can easily visit such an online store, go through the catalogues and place an order according to their requirements.