Saturday, June 8, 2013

Various types of Disposable Products

Disposable ProductsDisposable Products are designed or fabricated for a single use which can either be disposed as solid waste or can be recycled. These products are used for short term convenience and cost effectiveness rather than for long term durability. These products can also be used with disposable air filters and for several months and are different from the similar products that are used with washable air filters and last indefinitely. Disposables are mainly made from plastic, paper, polystyrene foam or cotton.

There are many dining and kitchen products which are disposables. These include disposable drink ware or dishware like cups, bowls and plates, disposable table cloth, plastic cutlery like spoons, forks, knives and forks, food packaging materials like wrappers, cartons, jars, bottles, cans which are recyclable and even compostable, coffee filters and cupcake wrappers which are compostable and recyclable inexpensive Tupperware products.

Most of the hygiene and medical products are manufactured worldwide with the intention of using only once. The main cause behind this is infection control so that the product once used cannot transmit infections or other harmful means to subsequent patients. The medical products which are intended for one use are manufactured and labeled with universally recognized symbol which would denote use only once or single use or do not re use etc. and this is symbolized with a circle containing numeral 2 and line of 45 degrees passing through it.  The medical products which are used only once include toilet paper, hypodermic needles, various contraception products like condoms, cotton pads and swabs, disposable enemas, cleaning and medical gloves, training pants, adult and baby diapers, combs, waxing kits, shaving razors and other products for hair control, hospital aprons, dental floss, toothbrushes and other oral products, contact lenses and disposable panties in postpartum.

Disposable food packaging products comprises of the disposable items which are used in takeout restaurants, fast food restaurants, kiosks and other catering establishments. The food service products which are disposable include the tray papers, doilies, utensils, cups, bowls and plates. These products are made of various types of substances like bamboo, bio resins, paper and plastics. The use of these products is intended to prevent food borne diseases. These products are used only once which stop spreading the diseases and reduce food contamination.

There are various substances which are used in making disposable food service packaging which have their own benefits and uses. Aluminum is used for manufacturing trays, containers, bags, wraps and foils. The disposable food service products which are made of plastic include cutlery, food containers, trays, bowls, plates, cups etc. Plastic is used for making these products because plastic holds the temperature of cold or hot beverages and food and plastic is very lightweight. The most common type of plastic used for foodservice packaging includes polystyrene. Paperboard and paper are also used for making these disposable food service products because paper can be easily recycled. Polylactic acid is also used for making these Disposable Products.

 All types of products which are disposable are available online. Persons or organizations interested in buying these products can browse the various official websites of the manufacturers to directly avail from them at industry leading rates.