Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All about Costume & Fashion Jewelry and caring tips

Costume Jewelry
Jewelery is all about fun but all stones that sparkle are not diamonds. It may look like diamond but it may not be as expensive as diamond. Today Costume & Fashion jewelry is in trend and is preferred by one and all. Basically the area of jewellery market which deals with fashion and costume fashion jewelry pieces is considerably less expensive but more attractive and flashy. Costume jewellery is a great way to add extra excitement and fun to a stylish wardrobe without spending much on a piece which may be only worn with certain outfits.

Some of the most common metals which are utilized in fabricating costume jewellery include gold covered silver and silver covered brass. This helps in keeping the cost down and also offers with the look of gold or silver. Various types of synthetic crystals are incorporated in these types of jewellery pieces which cater with the look of authentic diamonds, emeralds or rubies, but these are not real and so are instantly affordable.

It does not mean that as it is unreal it may not last for years. A bit of care must be taken so that it may stay in good condition for years. A soft cloth must be used for wiping off the sweat that has collected on the jewelery pieces while wearing. If the sweat is left on the jewelery pieces then the metal is at risk of getting dull. The fashion jewellery must never be cleaned with strong cleaning solutions as this can dull and strip the pieces. The jewellery pieces should be stored properly after cleaning and drying. Separate boxes or velvet pouches must be used for keeping each piece so that each piece is accommodated in a safe storage facility. By storing each piece separately, it is ensured that the delicate plating of these jewellery pieces are not chipped or scratched by rubbing against each other.

Costume & Fashion jewelry is not as expensive as the jewelery made of real precious stones and metals may cost but that does in no way undermine their beauty and utility. These jewellery pieces are quite popular because quite a large collection of these accessories are available at a much affordable price. Costume jewellery is an inexpensive way of expressing style of an individual. The money’s worth can be made out of this low cost composition jewellery. This fashion jewellery offers with extensive variety of attention grabbing and bold colors and styles that can be blended according to the mood and trend of the wardrobe.

Fashion jewellery should never come in contact with soaps, oils, perfumes or any sort of harsh chemicals which can ruin or fade them. Before swimming, indulging in outdoor sports, washing hands, exercising, cleaning, applying creams or lotions and doing laundry these jewellery items should be removed. Wet jewellery should never be stored. Before storing a soft cloth should be used for drying these pieces. Costume & Fashion jewelry should be checked regularly for loose stones.

All types of fashion jewelery, fine jewelry and costume jewelery are available online. Persons interested in these jewellery items should browse the websites of the renowned designers and in order to choose their desired items from the catalogues published on the web.