Monday, September 9, 2013

The cozy comfy blankets and their aesthetic value add

Blankets Manufacturers
As soon as we utter the word Blankets, the only thought that comes flooding in is a lazy winter morning with a hot cup of coffee or tea in bed watching condensed dew drops trickling down the window panes. These comforters which form an integral part of our beddings and luxury have greatly evolved in style and like everything else that is experimented upon in order to increase the aesthetic value; these blankets have also undergone several modifications in order to make them more appealing for the stylish bedrooms of today.

While traditionally blankets were made of wool, these days various other materials like cotton, linen and other synthetic fibers are being used to make these comforters. With the change in material, the design patterns have also changed to a large extant and various printing techniques and machines are used to create beautiful motifs on blankets.

Though Blankets are primarily associated with covering one’s body for comfort, they have another wonderful use and that is fire fighting. Blankets work best in extinguishing fires as when wrapped; they effectively cut out the oxygen source which ceases the process of combustion thus extinguishing the fire.

Just like the blankets have evolved, the Blankets Manufacturers have also evolved and have now started making use of modern machinery for every need; right from sewing to packaging. Modern machinery is indeed used for making these comforters but manufacturers cannot afford to deviate from maintaining the aesthetics and the comfort factor of these bed furnishings as that would immediately bring down their value.

While the trend of buying these beautifully done factory made products has exponentially increased, people still appreciate possessing a few hand made products owed to which the small scale industries that depend on making these kind of comforters by employing artisans who create exquisite patterns are still thriving.

In the Indian rural areas, artisans, especially the village women folk are engaged in making these beautifully embroidered comforters that are then sold to dealers from big cities which then find its way to international markets. Many organizations who actively work for the welfare of the Indian rural population further help in promoting the demand and sales of these products and most of them have specialty studios in which these hand embroidered blankets are sold along with other products from the villages.

Also, in an effort to tap the increasing craze of designer products Blankets Manufacturers have grouped up with major design labels in order to place their products on the shelves of high end life style stores thus adding to their sales figures. Not just the designer route, in keeping with the trend of online shopping for lifestyle products, manufacturers have established strategic alliances with major e-commerce portals in order to ensure that their products are well presented in front of the international customers and the demand of such products keep cycling and increasing with time.

For home makers who are conscious about buying everything matching and in sync with the home d├ęcor, buying the right kind of blanket may prove to be quite a task but this is where probably the advice of decorators and friends may come in handy. So when its blankets, comfort and style both need to go hand in hand.