Saturday, September 7, 2013

The evolution of Carpets and their current business value

Carpets Manufacturers
Carpets have been used since time immemorial to decorate homes and business venues and form a very important part of the interior décor paraphernalia that has seen many changes and makeovers with time.

Sophisticated floor coverings have always been associated with the Arabian countries, be it for their intricate designs or the important position they have always occupied in children’s tales but with the world becoming a global market, the exclusivity of these wonder rugs has systematically decreased and now artisans from across the world are trying their hands in producing carpets that match up the quality of the Persian rugs.

Carpets and the materials used to make them have evolved over the time and now everything from natural fibers to synthetic polymers are used to make these beautiful floor coverings and the choice of the fiber largely determines their cost.
The floor coverings that have been discovered from the ancient palaces and heritage sites have also greatly contributed to the history of nations as artisans since time immemorial have been telling the tales of their land with the help of the patterns and designs they create on objects like the traditional carpets.

Woven, Needlefelt, Knotted, Tufted, Flatwoven and Hooked Rug are a few carpet types that are produced in a commercial scale and again act as a major contributor to the income sources of the rural population of many countries.

With the increase in demand of high end life style products, Carpets Manufacturers are enjoying great business prospects in the world market which has also fuelled the need of inventing various techniques and machines to produce these fineries in large quantities. As such, today along with the traditional weaving looms there are sophisticated machines that help in quality control, batch processing, packaging and the rest of the logistics.

Though, most Carpets Manufacturers, along with using modern techniques for manufacturing also apply the modern business model of showroom sales, some still rely on the age old concept of door to door selling. These manufacturing units who believe in reaching out to people, often rely on knowledgeable door to door salesmen in order to ensure repeat sales of their finery and this concept works really well in the South-Asian countries as people in these regions are easily made to believe that the products that they buy from such traditional vendors are absolutely authentic and come right from the artisan’s own shop. Along with this approach, many manufacturers and retailers are also going by the modern studio approach in which the simplest of rugs are window dressed to elevate their aesthetics in a fashion that appeals to a particular section of the class-conscious consumer who readily pay higher prices for these products.

Carpets indeed form an essential part of the home décor but it is imperative to understand that not all designs and styles may suit every interior as such taking advise of interior decorators is highly recommended before going to purchase these items of luxury. After due consultation with the decorators some bit of web searching may also help the consumers find out just the best and most suitable product for their homes.