Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Coir Mats and their market and manufacturing in India

Coir Mats
Coir which is a natural product and is made from the husk of coconut has been used to make several products of home utility since ages and India being one of the pioneers in making use of natural products in making several products of home use, has mastered the art of making various products like Coir Mats that have a huge demand not only in the home market but in international markets too.

Most Indian homes follow the tradition of not allowing shoes inside the house and even if they are allowed in, an average Indian, out of habit will look for a door mat at the entrance to brush off the dust from the shoes before entering the house. This little ritual has almost become a part of the DNA of every Indian due to which the door mats, especially those made of coir find a never ending demand in the Indian markets. For Door mats, coir has always been the first choice of consumers in India but with newer products being introduced into the market, some section of this industry is definitely suffering as the other alternative products which are usually made of rubber and plastic comparatively last longer than the regular coir mats.

However, it has been seen that no matter how many new products are introduced into the market, the demand of coir mats almost keeps circling as these rubber products which may last long easily lose out on their aesthetics with multiple uses and become a nuisance when they have to be disposed. Mats made of coir or for that matter any natural product invariably lasts long, is sturdier and does not pollute the environment the way these synthetic products may.

Making coir products like floor mats, brushes, mattresses etc is a thriving industry in rural India and Coir Mats Manufacturers significantly contribute to the state exchequer by way of trading these products. These small scale industries specially thrive in the areas of Kerala and West Bengal. In fact in Kerala, the coir industry generates employment for over four Lakh villagers and interestingly enough, the major contributors to this figure is the women folk of the village.

Various state co-operatives and government agencies have also played a major role in promoting the coir industry and have devised various incentives for Coir Mats Manufacturers as this product not only acts as a major income source for rural India but also contributes in a big way to the country’s export figures.

Though the U.K should be given the credit for pioneering an organized coir industry, India in the current scenario has definitely taken the lead and is providing the world high quality coir products. Coir Mats of different shapes, sizes and designs can now be found in homes around the world thus making way for utilization of green home utility products.

With organized export and trade in place, the sale of coir products on various e-commerce sites is also seeing an all time high and now consumers from all over the world directly reach out to Indian manufacturers and dealers to procure these top end natural products.