Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The importance of Control Valves

Control Valves
With the emergence of new technologies each and every company from different industrial sectors are getting more and more inclined towards using the latest products in the market. Valves play a pivotal role in those sectors where there is a prevalent use of pipelines and fluid technology. Control Valves are generally used to maintain different conditions such as pressure, flow, liquid level and temperature inside a pipeline or a holding chamber. These valves are generally controlled by trained professionals as there is always a requirement of expert handling of these valves if the system has to function properly. It is to be kept in mind that as these valves form an important part of the entire system, clients should maintain them properly and keep them in perfect shape.


There are different types of Control Valves available in the market and users should make a careful choice from the options in hand. It is needless to mention that the presence of a large number of almost identical products in the market makes it hard for users to choose the right option. The most widely used types of valves are angle valves, angle seat piston valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves, rotary valves, sliding cylinder valves and air-operated valves. Each of these types has further classifications in respect of design and functions. However, all these types are easily available in the market and clients can easily make an effective choice.


Control Valves mainly consist of three parts— the valve actuator, the valve positioner and the valve body. Each of these parts have to work together properly in order to make the valves work in the right way. However, in case of malfunctions it is possible to replace the faulty part with a new one, though it is always better to change the whole set up if possible. In most of the cases these parts are coated with corrosion resistant chemicals in order to allow the valves function properly under different conditions and for a long time.

Computer controls

The use of computers in the operation and maintenance of these valves has largely reduced the necessity of human intervention. In most of the cases, nowadays, these valves and the entire system as a whole is connected to computer controls that take the help of some pre set parameters and software to control the function of the valves. It is quite obvious that computer controls that these valves have need to be supervised by an expert professional having considerable experience in this field.

As Control Valves are mainly industrial products, it is a bit hard to find these products in regular hardware stores. Clients in need of these valves can consider online shopping as a viable option as most of the Control Valves Manufacturers have their own websites where users can get a detailed information about these products. They can also place an online order after going through the catalogues and terms and conditions. However, it is better to consult an expert before making the purchase of such products. packaging material manufacturers