Thursday, September 12, 2013

The organizational structure of Women Wear Manufacturers

Women Wear
Women Wear is one sector of clothing that has been experimented upon since time immemorial and even today it is this sector only that most people prefer to experiment with.  Women Wear Manufacturers to designers, with the recent consumer trends, all are thriving in business and thus experimenting with different styles and marketability of products.

Designers of women clothing have a wide horizon to experiment as they can try out various combination of color, styles, silhouettes and cuts that appeal to customers from all around the world. These designers also get to showcase their products on international platforms with the help of fashion shows that are organized by various fashion and lifestyle brands.

Women wear can be classified into few broad categories namely, skirts, trousers, pinafores, tunics, drapes like sarees and others that are specific to various regions and countries. With these being the base of all kinds of women apparel, various experiments are carried out to make them look more trendy and stylish. While some designers prefer to play around with colors, some might want to focus on the silhouettes and some on the fabric used. Thus it can be easily said that every designer has a basic area of specialization that they prefer to work with while planning and designing their new creations.

When designer apparel gets accepted market wide, the role of the Women Wear Manufacturers start. These organizations have set systems and infrastructure using which they mass produce certain type of garments that are then distributed to various companies where they are given the particular brand tags and then marketed. 

These apparel manufacturing units work in ancillaries and different sections are engaged in making of different parts of the apparel. There are units that focus on making the sleeves, the legs, the collars and such others which are then brought together to be stitched into an entire apparel. These small work units are either taken up by individual companies engaged in making just one part of the entire garment or by companies who have separate work divisions engaged in making the different parts.

The Women Wear Manufacturers primarily employ the women folk and in many small towns and cities form the major source of income for many a households.

These companies also work as per standard guidelines as they have to be in strict adherence to set guidelines and standard measurements that have been furnished by the clients as failing that, huge variations may be reported in the sizes and structures of apparels of a particular brand or label.

Companies engaged in manufacturing of women clothing also need to have efficient logistics in place as along with manufacturing, the final delivery and distribution of the end product determines the final completion of the order.

Since time immemorial there has been an unceasing demand for newer and trendier women apparel which has led to the creation of many a fashion brands and labels that in a big way contribute to the global economy by generating foreign exchange as well as creating employment opportunities for several semi-skilled workers.