Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Biscuits are available in some yummy, lip smacking tastes

One can define Biscuits as baked and flour based food items which are now commonly eaten worldwide with tea, coffee and more. This term is generally applied to two different products in Commonwealth of Europe and Nations and in North America.

Variations which can be seen in the meaning:

In the U.N and sometime in Canada as well, biscuit is known as oft, leavened and small sized bread which is quite similar to scone even though sugar and eggs are not used in this regard. Leavening can be achieved through baking powder and in certain cases, little amount of baking soda is also used. These are mainly preferred baked or butter milked. The variation of “beaten biscuit” in Southern regions is quite similar to the variety which is available in Britain.

While dealing with Commonwealth English, one can define biscuit as baked product, small in size and it is generally termed as cracker or cookie. Biscuits which are available in Ireland, UK and in the Isle of Man are sweet or savory in taste and some best ever examples are chocolate biscuits, custard creams, ginger nuts and also nice biscuit. Cookie can be defined as a type of biscuit, even though it is much softer when compared with the previous one.

Etymology of the term Biscuit:

In the Middle French area, the term was “biscuit” which was derived from the Latin words namely “bis” which means twice and “coctus” or “coquere” which means to cook. Therefore, this work can be termed as “cooked twice”. This is due to the fact that biscuit is generally cooked twice to get the crispy feel. At first it is baked and then later, dried out in the slow oven. Later, this term was adapted into its English form in the Middle Ages, during 14th century and it came to be known as “bisquite”, which represent a hard and baked twice product.

Biscuits Manufacturers are nowadays manufacturing confectionary products where biscuit is now very sweet and comes with different yummy and lip smacking toppings. In was during the 17th century AD that Persian cooks started experimenting with the old and hard form of biscuit by mixing fruit, butter, cream, honey and eggs with it. One of the earliest examples of spiced biscuit is the “gingerbread” which was taken from the French word “pain d'├ępices”, which means spice bread.

Biscuits which are eaten nowadays:

The cookies which are manufactured nowadays are either sweet or savory in taste and are small in size, around 5 cm in diameter. It is flat in nature and this term can also be used for denoting sandwich shaped eatables, where you can get a layer of different flavored creams such as chocolates, strawberry, custard, jam layer and more.

Nowadays, Biscuits are wrapped in beautiful and attractive containers and can be easily used as gift items, for the foodies out there. Check out the online sites which have notable biscuit hampers, stored just for you. There are certain lucrative discounts offered to the buyers to make their shopping experience a memorable one.