Thursday, October 10, 2013

Various kinds of Cork Products and their uses

Cork Products
What is cork?

Cork can be defined as a buoyant and impermeable material which is also a prime subset of the bark tissue which is mainly harvested for different commercial uses. There are different kinds of Cork Products which one can easily get in the market place and each one of those is known for some specific purposes. Cork is mainly harvested from the Cork Oak which is also known as Quercus suber which is endemic in nature and is available in northwest Africa and also Southwest Europe. This is composed of a hydrophobic substance which is also suberin in nature and it has some major properties associated with its features. Some of those are buoyancy, great elasticity, resistant to fire and also impermeable in nature.

The most common example of cork uses is for wine stoppers. For the latest research it can be stated that the montado setting of Portugal manufactures nearly 50% of the cork which are annually harvested worldwide. Cork was first examined by Robert Hooke with the help of a microscope that led to the discovery and naming of this particular cell.

Some of the major Cork Products used worldwide:

  • Cork stoppers: It can be stated that the French vintners previously did not use cork stoppers in the mid 17th century and always prefer to stuff the neck of the bottle with rag pieces instead. The corks which are used for covering wine bottles can either be made out of one piece or might be composed of various materials into one. Such can be seen in champagne corks and also while dealing with technical corks. In some cases, natural cork is also used for closure of about 80% wine bottles produced every year. Nowadays, less expensive synthetic corks can be seen substituting the natural ones and are working perfectly, in a hassle free manner.
  • For musical instruments: One can see the use of Cork Products for various musical purposes and mainly in those wood wind instruments. Here, the corks are used for fastening various segments of an instrument in order to make the seams airtight in nature. There are certain baton handles as well which are manufactured using optimum quality cork

Other important uses of cork items:

Certain branded companies use high quality corks while manufacturing shoes. Moreover, these are also used for making bricks of the outer surfaces o a house, which can be easily seen in different Portugal areas. Moreover, one can also see postage stamp made out of cork few years back.

Another notable example of Cork Products is those which can be seen for making the core interiors of cricket balls and baseballs. Nowadays, corked bats are generally replaced by using other baseball bat, whose interior comprises of cork. This practice is also known as corking.
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