Friday, January 24, 2014

The rising popularity of Fashion Costume Jewelry Manufacturers

Fashion Costume Jewelry
It is needless to mention that we all crave for precious things. And when it comes to women, the thing they love the most is Jewelry made up of precious or semi precious stones or even costume and fashion jewelry. With the ever changing trends of the fashion industry, there have been many noticeable changes in the style and choice of the jewelry. Fashion jewelries are often made of precious stones while in many cases they use substitutes like gold-plating or American Diamond and many more. On the other hand costume jewelry is referred to the types of accessories like trinkets, earrings or necklace especially designed to go with a particular outfit or costume and hence the name. More and more people are opting for fashion and costume jewelry and simultaneously, the popularity and demand of the Fashion Costume Jewelry Manufacturers are so rising with every passing day.


Costume jewelry was worn first in the early 20th century. Initially fashion or costume jewelry was made up of inexpensive stones like Lucite or rhinestone which was craved in silver, brass or nickel. With the passage of time, sterling silver was also used in costume jewelry. It is not known to many that nearly 300 years back, costume jewelry was also made by jewelers with glass. In the present age, as given the name costume or fashion jewelry is so designed so as to perfectly compliment a particular costume. Fashion Costume Jewelry Manufacturers in modern times often uses electroplating metals with colored stones precious or semi precious as a part of fashion or costume jewelry.

Manufacturing process and latest trends

The manufacturing process for fashion jewelry or costume jewelry is very easy. Usually the most attractive thing in the costume or fashion jewelry is the colored stone used. To add a special touch to the costume jewelries, the Fashion Costume Jewelry Manufacturers usually uses various shapes of stones. The selected stone are shaped according to the design planned and placed in the various arrangements to give an exceptional look. More unique the shape and placement of the stone, more beautiful is the costume jewelry.

In recent times, many precious stones are used in costume and fashion jewelries among which diamond is the most one. Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers usually classifies the diamond used based on the color, cut and clarity of the diamond used. In fact the prices listed for the diamond jewelry are also based on the above characteristics.

Fashion Costume Jewelry Manufacturers mostly design the jewelries based on the latest trends. In many cases, designs wore by any particular actress or model in any party, magazine cover or movies sets the latest trends for costume and fashion jewelry. While buying such jewelry, one should be extra careful and beware of fake ones. Fashion Costume Jewelry Manufacturers should always use hallmarked stones so as to avoid and prevent the use of fake stones and metals. Moreover the price listed should always be checked and rechecked so that the genuine jewelry is purchased at a reasonable price.