Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things about jewelry crafting that Fine Jewelry Manufacturers should know

The refining and crafting of fine jewelry gemstones is a very interesting phenomenon that all Fine Jewelry Manufacturers should be well acquainted with. Moreover they must be well acquainted with the various kinds of gemstones as well. Not all gemstones are alike. Seen closely, not even who diamonds are alike. Fashion and fine jewelry has existed for generations. Today fashion and demands of people are changing faster than ever and Fine Jewelry Manufacturers have to keep in touch with the current trends if they want to sell their goods. One thing to keep in minds that diamonds that have been designed and cut well shall be in more demand and shall cost more. Manufacturers nowadays are also expected to make jewelry that is custom made.

Jewelry of any kind has to be crafted finely and has to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Therefore the workmanship of the stones enhances their grandeur. A well crafted stone or jewelry design must have a pleasing design and it should be polished well. The jewelry making process is an art form requiring a great deal of patience and technical knowledge. First the model and sketch of the actual jewelry is made. After which there are a variety of processes that are used to make the piece.
Various processes:

The first process for making the jewelry is the hand wrought way. As one can see from the name, the jewelry here is made by hand. A great deal of technical knowledge of the crafting procedure, types of gemstones, various kinds of tools to be uses and other factors shall have to be kept in mind. In this process textures are made on the surface of the jewelry metal, which is then welded and joined together to make, one final piece. Finally it is polished and burnished to add shine to it.

The second method is the Casting methods. This method is used for bulk orders. In this process the sub types of making are the lost wax casting process and the centrifugal casting process. In this process the model of the jewelry that was made earlier is covered in wax or is sculptured in it. The whole thing is then placed inside a flask inside which warm plaster is poured. This process takes place in vacuum so that it can solidify over the vacuum. The flask is them placed inside a special machine which pours molten material over the sculpture. A rubber mold is added if many castings of the jewelry are needed. In the industry jewelry are made singly and in parts. These parts are later joined.

The second method is called the Die struck method. In this process special machines give the jewelry mold its desired shape, size and other properties. The machines also help to harden the piece and it is then treated with unhardened steal so that the shrunken die is produced. Between the two dies the bar metal is shaped and treated by machine hammer. This process is used when precision is of importance.

Some of the most popular kinds of fine jewelry that Fine Jewelry Manufacturers and Fashion Costume Jewelry Manufacturers are rings, necklaces and others.