Friday, February 21, 2014

Common LPG Equipment made in the industry

LPG Equipment
There are many kinds of products that are used by and are in turn manufactured by the liquid petroleum gas product manufacturing companies.

Some of the most common ones are:
  • gas cylinders,
  • regulators, 
  • voltage regulators, and
  • relief valves.
A gas cylinder, also called a gas tank is one of the most visible and common products of the companies making LPG Equipment. These are used to store or contain LPG gas as its pressure is greater than the surrounding pressure. It is normally used for cooking at homes and in other places. All the red colored cylinders that one sees brought by the Gas supplying companies are the gas cylinders. A variation of this product is the bottle which a container or cylinder with particularly high pressure. For making this type of product in the market the manufacturing companies need to adhere to a lot of rules and regulations from both the government and the industry. In many countries till now, such companies are still public companies but private gas companies are also coming up. There are many kinds of design and standard restrictions and limits, which also ultimately have a considerably effect on the price. Gas cylinders are treated chemically so that corrosion does not occur. Valves are supplied along with gas cylinders. The function of this is like a stop cork which controls the release of the gas. So when purchasing or accepting gas cylinders one should be sure to examine the quality of the valves. When these cylinders are in storage in the distribution and storage centers or when they are being transported the cap is always put over the valve to ensure safety. Nowadays, household LPG gas cylinders have caps attached to a ring around the metal valve. At homes, when the cylinders have to be used the cap is first taken off and an accompanying device is attached to the valve at the top of the cylinder. This is done to regulate the supply of gas. This appendage has two parts: an upstream pressure regulators and a downstream pressure regulator.

Regulator is a LPG Equipment that is used to maintain a constant temperature, a constant pressure or any other physical attribute of the machines or equipments with which it is attached. Regulators function by value sets if it works automatically. It the device is worked manually, predetermined conditions are set into the device based on which it works. It is used in the LPG gas industry in maintaining pressure of cylinders and in other containers where gas is stored. These products are generally of the best quality as LPG Equipment Manufacturers and customers want regulators which keeps them safe from gas explosions.

Voltage regulators, is a variation of general regulator and has wide used in the industry. It is used to maintain a comfortable level of voltage. There are many kinds of voltage regulators that are available in the market. The components of this device can be electromechanical parts or completely electronic components.

Relief valves control the pressure of containers and detect anomalies in parameters.