Friday, February 7, 2014

The various types of products that can be bought from Gaskets Manufacturers

Gaskets Manufacturers
A gasket is a mechanical device which is used to fill the surface area in between two materials so as to prevent leakages from occurring. Leakages happen when liquids are compressed to a great degree which makes the liquid find any opening it can to get out. Another addition function of the product is that when they are placed in between two surfaces, it hides the irregularities of both surfaces.  The materials that are used to make product are chosen because of their yielding properties. To some or various degrees these construction materials are flexible enough to fit in between surfaces. One thing to remember is that sealant must be applied to product before they can function efficiently.

Gaskets are made of a number of materials such as metal, paper, silicone, felt, metal, rubber, and many other materials by the Gaskets Manufacturers. Modern materials include polytetrafluroethylene and polychlorotrifluroethylene. A good gasket which is used in the industry can take a great amount of pressure or load and even then it can function properly.

These are many kinds of product available in the market today. The first of the type is the Sheet Gasket. It is one of the common varieties and it can be easily discernable by the fact that its surfaces are punched. This saves a lot of material but it also makes the product crude and cheap. Earlier versions of the Sheet Gasket were made of asbestos but as asbestos created a lot of health problems other materials like graphite began to be used.

The next type of Gaskets is the Solid Material Product. The quality of these is much better than Sheet Product and therefore they can work under much more pressure and higher temperature. However the disadvantage of Sheet Gasket is that the metallic body of the gasket has to be pressed a lot between the two surfaces. This is done so that it does not allow leaking from the flange of the surfaces. However the problem is that due to the oxidation process of the construction metals the function becomes more difficult. Although Sheet Product has quite a few disadvantages it is used in many industries.

The third type of product is the spiral wound gasket and it is made of semi metallic materials. These types of product have the characteristic feature of having a stainless steel spiral shape. The fillet material is the second spiral structure that rises from the opposite side of the metal wound. The use of these two spirals is that while the metal spiral gives holding strength, the second spiral gives sealing substances to the two surfaces between which this gasket is used.   

The fourth, but not the last, type of gasket is the constant seating stress gasket. This type of gasket has the characteristic feature of having two component parts. The first of these is the solid ring made of stainless steel. The second component is two sealing substances of compressible qualities. The sealing substances are made of graphite or other much more complex compounds. One can get all these varieties from the Gaskets Manufacturers and Gaskets Suppliers.