Monday, February 24, 2014

Two main kinds of Relays made by Relays Manufacturers

Relays Manufacturers
A Relay is basically a switch that works on electricity. There are some relay boards for which electromagnetic energy is employed. The application of relays basically is to control an electric circuit by employing a low power electric signal. Modern relay models control multiple numbers of electric signals. Some of the fundamental types of this machine are Contractors and Solid state relay machines.

A contractor variety of relays made by Relays Manufacturers are those that can easily handle passage of large amounts of electric current which is needed to run an electric motor machine or more than one. The second type of relay circuit, the solid state relay circuit has the characteristic feature of having more movable parts. Semiconductor equipment is used along with the solid stay relay to facilitate the control of current flow.

There are wide applications for relay circuits. These are used for increasing a digital or electrical signal since it can control a large degree of power or electricity with just a small amount of power. It is cost effective and easy to maintain. For this use it is widely used in telegraph poles and relay stations, in computer modems and audio amplification devices and machines used along with computers and in vehicles as starter solenoid equipments. Relays are used for the purpose of detection of electrical of transmission faults by electricity distribution companies, for the purposes of conserving energy and electric power by disconnecting the master relay circuit from the controlled machines. There are more functions of this circuit that Relays Manufacturers know.

The internal structure of relay equipment:

The core structure sold by Relays Suppliers consists of a wire coil entwined around a central iron structure. Along with this an iron yoke that gives low electronic signals. Other internal parts are movable iron armature and a group of contacts. The armature in the relay equipment in its internal part is joined to the steel yoke part as well as to the contacts and is steadily held up by the metal spring.  

Various types of relay circuits:

Contractor:  As said above a contractor is used to handle a large amount of power and electricity. This is heavy duty equipment used to handle or control multiple electric signals or equipments. One of is used in lighting rods. Contractors are supplied with indicators which constantly measure the amount of current in the Ampere units. Contractors are made of metal alloys with some components made of silver. Silver is used because the high electrical current passage causes oxidation and corrosion. One of the common materials used for making the component parts of the Contractors is silver oxide. The application of Contractors is to start electrical motors. One of the drawbacks of this type of relay circuits is that it creates considerable amounts of noise so it has to be used in appropriate places where noise will not cause trouble. It is manufactured to control devices like electric motors, equipments used for lighting and some other electrical machines.

Solid state relays: machines very analogous to Contractors but their parts are stationary.