Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Statue making process used by Goddess Statues Manufacturers

Goddess Statues
Throughout history statues have been made for various purposes. They have been made to depict lifestyle of the people, heroes, mythological and mythical figures, contemporary famous figures and others. A statue is a type of sculpture made of various materials. Sizes vary as well and one will find many examples of full length statues, statues which are just smaller than the human figure and statuette which are small enough to be picked up. Statuettes are also called figurines.

In many countries statues of Goddesses are quite popular, either due to religious or patriotic beliefs. For instance in India statues of Goddesses are extremely popular and every household purchases them. They are also in great demand for use in various religious festivals. Apart from this goddess statues are constructed or made for just decoration purposes at home or in the work place to give the surroundings a calm and serene atmosphere.

Various kinds of materials are used to sculpt statues by either professional sculptor, by industrial processes or by an amalgamation of both. Metal based materials are most common and popular because they are stronger and much more durable than others. Statues made of metals are long lasting and can be cleaned easily. These include statues construction materials like bronze, ivory, antlers, gold, jade and silver. The materials like gold, silver and jade are not commonly used. Materials that are much less expensive are oak wood, linden, ceramics and terracotta. Pewter, sulphur and zinc are other construction materials are used as well although zinc is more of a component material.

Goddess Statues are painted as well to give them a majestic look. The painting processes that are used are the tempera painting process, oil painting process, gilding painting process and by other processes like sandblasting and by using enamel and aerosol.

One of the best methods in the industry for making Goddess Statues is the investment casting method. It was this process that has been used for hundreds of years all over the world. This type of statue building process was in common use in ancient Greece and ancient China. At the very beginning an oil based model of the statue to be made is made. This is for the small scale statues or for those that had to be preserved first for a long time. For larger statues water based models were and are used. The models were made first so that the subtle gestural qualities of the sculpture would be noticed. Then molds are made from the models. These molds may be either of the full statues of the parts. From the molds a plaster model shall be made as this refines the statue to a large degree. If the statue is large, a wax layer is first applied to the mold and then taken off. Application of wax coating on statues of any material is a common practice. Goddess Statues Manufacturers add spruces and metal pegs to the statues where needed if Goddess Statues Manufacturers feel that these would up the statues better.