Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why viscose fabrics are created by the Viscose Fabric Manufacturers

Viscose Fabric
Viscose is a variety of wood cellulose acetate compound. It is used in a number of industries among which the healthcare or medial industry and the textile manufacturing industry. The manufacturing process of viscose is fairly complex and takes a long time.

Manufacturing process:

At the very beginning wood pulp is extracted from the trees and is transported to the industrial plant. There the wood pulps are subjected to a wide variety of chemical treatments. Bamboo tree is one of the best sources of wood pulp and is widely sought out for viscose. After chemical treatments the wood pulp is treated with caustic soda. The mixture is then put in containers and allowed to settle down for varying lengths of time. The practice in the industry is that this mixture of wood pulp and caustic soda is allowed to remain in containers for a considerable amount of time. This is then treated with caustic soda and later with a carbon disulphide mixture or chemical substance. This final substance is entered into machines and washed down in a number of processes to remove impurities. One of the reason viscose is so popular with customers and Viscose Fabric Suppliers is that it is a naturally occurring product.

Why it is so popular and how it is used:

Viscose is also commonly known as rayon. There are many reasons why viscose of rayon is used by Viscose Fabric Manufacturers across the world. The most important reason is that the appearance is that of silk. However when wearing the material, it feels like any woolen garment. The second reason that dress materials made of viscose are popular is that it cost much less than wool or silk. It is light to wear and thus quite comfortable. Also, since it looks like silk it looks fashionable as well. The materials made of viscose or rayon include furniture covering fibers, bed covers, draperies, clothes, custom dress materials, curtains and a lot more. One of the trends today is that offices use formal curtains made of viscose.

The development of materials by Viscose Fabric Manufacturers made of viscose are a boon to people who want to have fashionable textile materials in their homes and yet want those that are inexpensive. For them, viscose and rayon textiles are best. Like all other varieties of textile materials, it also comes in many styles and varieties. Another advantage of giving viscose textiles is that it does not need to be cleaned as often as other materials. It should be remembered that washing dress or any other form of material made of viscose is different. It should be washed with lukewarm water and should not be wrung as wringing may damage the material when wet. If using a washing machine, it should also be used with lukewarm water and the washing machine water cycle should be around 40 Ampere. It should be spun slowly. After washing the wet viscose textiles should ideally be hung out to dry so that there would be so creased. While ironing to remove creases, low to medium steam should be used.