Monday, March 10, 2014

Different techniques implemented by Aluminum Castings Manufacturers

Aluminum Castings Manufacturers
Aluminum casting has been in practice for centuries and till date the basic processes remain the same. It is true that over the last few years a steady improvement in technology has led to an unprecedented change in industrial operations, but as far as the basic principles of manufacturing processes are concerned, they have remained the same. However, with the help of modern machines factories are now able to produce quality products in larger quantity. Aluminum Castings Manufacturers generally employ two main techniques in mold casting— Sand Casting and Die Casting. Though some other casting processes are also used in the casting process, these two processes are main.

Sand Casting

San casting is generally used in high volume production processes where factories need to produce a large number of product in a single day. This process involves the use of sand, clay, moisture and synthetic binders to form the sand mold. The green sand is made of a blend of moisture, clay and sand, whereas the dry sand is made of a blend of synthetic binders and sand. The synthetic binders are cured chemically or thermally according to the need of the process and the product. The molten aluminum is poured into the mold and allowed to take a shape owing to pressure difference.

Die Casting

Die casting is the most popular and the most widely used aluminum casting process Aluminum Castings Manufacturers all over the world make use of this process in order to manufacture identical aluminum products in large numbers. The most important part of die casting is that the mold is never destroyed and each time the molten aluminum is poured into the same mold, cooled and the finished product is taken out. The molds are generally made of iron or steel which give them strength and durability. Die casting can be divided in to several parts depending on the method.

Gravity Casting: It is a completely mechanized casting process and is generally used for high quality products. The products manufactured through Gravity Casting are known for their accurate dimension and smooth finish.

High Pressure Die Casting: High pressure die casting can be an expensive affair and so it is opted by those who want a high volume of production for a long time. In this casting process the molten aluminum is made to flow into a metallic mold at a high speed. When the molten metal solidifies, the mold is opened and the product is removed.

Low Pressure Die Casting: This form of casting is generally used to manufacture industrial and mechanical components which are symmetric about a rotation axis. Products like light wheels for automobiles are manufactured through this process.

Vacuum Die Casting: This process is best for those products which require a heat treatment. Through pressure difference the molten aluminum is forced to flow inside the mold at a lower speed, thus minimizing gas inclusions.

Aluminum Castings Suppliers offer different types of casting products at an affordable cost. However, clients need to make a careful choice from the products in hand.