Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Advantages of Ball Valves

Ball Valves  Manufacturers
A valve is a mechanical device used to regulate or control the flow of liquids, semi fluids, gases and more. It comes with a lever used to control the device. When the lever is turned appropriately and in the right direction the valves opens and closes, effective allowing or disallowing the flow. Although they technically form a part of a mechanism, due to their importance today they are considered as a separate product. Valves, due to their durability and flexibility of holding materials, are used in many industries. They are widely used in the mining industry as they help in the filtering or removing of dirt and polluted fluids. In sewage processing they are of great help in removal of fluids and semi fluids. In the gas and petroleum industry is commonly seen that pipelines are being built, and all of these have heavy duty commercial grade valves for regulating the flow of petroleum or oil. Likewise, valves are essential in food processing industry, power generation industry, plastics manufacturing industry and more.


Ball Valves are one of the varieties of valves and are characterized by a spherical disc. This spherical disc has a port drilled through it by high-efficiency machines. When this port is in the correct configuration with the openings of the ball valve, fluid or gas is allowed to flow through it freely, but when the spherical disc is turned away from the valve openings then naturally the flow is blocked. The Ball Valves are easy to operate, are heady and durable. Some of the common items of domestic use where valves are used are pipelines, plumbing, washing machines, cook top control valves and more.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing

When purchasing a ball valve from Ball Valves  Manufacturers one shall see that there are many varieties of products available in the market. All of these are for specific functions and have their own inherent advantages. It is up to the customer to think deeply and decide which variety would best suit his or her use. In the category of body type along there are divisions like single body valves, three piece body valve, four piece body valve, wielded valve and top entry valve. For the viewpoint of ports there are many categories and one of them is the Full port. When free flow is needed full ports are best. These come with a ball valve which is of the same size as the diameter of the pipe itself. It allows free flow of materials and restricts friction in the valve during flow.