Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What to know before buying Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds have always been in the demand, since ancient times to the present age and have been used as items for decoration and jewelry. The most important qualities it is known for its hardness which translates into durability and for its dispersion of light quality. Many companies are available in the market if one wants to purchase a diamond. These are of the highest quality and are priced accordingly. The larger the diamond and the higher is its clarity and light dispersion, the more it will be priced.

Parameter for value determination

These are four important parameters what influence the commercial value of the diamond. These are carat, cut, color and clarity. For instance when it comes to measuring carats, 1.5 carats amounts to or weighs 300 mg. Carat therefore is a measurement of the mass of the diamond in Diamond Jewelry. One single carat amounts to 200 milligrams. The weight and carat of diamonds are directly proportional are both greatly influence its rise and fall of prices. One of the common terms you one can find in the Diamond Jewelry marketplaces is the total weight carat. It is advantageous in knowing what it means when making a purchase. A total carat weight is the diamond’s total mass. It also denotes the total mass of a group of diamonds.

Clarity and color

Clarity refers to the amount of interior defects a diamond stone has. The less there are defects the more clearer it will be, which in turn shall be an influencing factor in the prices. Many factors are responsible for the clarity such as color, size, and orientation, visibility of impurities and damages and relative location. So it can be seen that the better the clarity of the diamond stone the higher its price shall be. Rare diamonds have very high clarity.

Color is the next important price influencing factor. When purchasing diamond jewelry from Diamond Jewelry  Manufacturers one shall see that diamonds of some colors cost more than the others. According to the industry colorless diamonds or those which are white are of the highest quality are placed in the D grade. After this comes the diamonds which have some traces of color and the others have bright coloration. There are given the grades of E and F accordingly.

The cut of the diamond is so important in determining the price structure that machines are used to chip away sections to make them look valuable. The topmost cuts are Pavilion cut, Table cut and Crown cut.