Friday, April 11, 2014

Advantages of Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel Generator Sets
Diesel Generator Sets are an amalgamation of an electric generator and a diesel engine. When use in conjunction a vast amount of electrical energy is generated. Diesel generators are used widely in the industry, especially in power generation, mining and mineral extraction industry. For instance for working in mines, miners need constant light source to guide their activities. With the help of electrical pipelines, these diesel powered generator produce electricity enough to reach the miners. In offshore oil or petroleum extraction industries, a huge amount of electricity is needed for operating the many machines used for drilling the seabed and for mineral extraction.

Size and weight

There are many sections or parts of this variety of machine such as canopy, sound controlling or sound suppressing devices, base, circuit breakers, control panels, water heaters and various systems. Diesel Generator Sets come in various sizes. The advantage of the smaller ones is that they are far more portable and much cheaper. The advantages of the larger one are that they do not need to be fed with diesel all the time and so it allows a lot of economic savings of diesel. These are uses both in homes and in the industries. In the domestic sphere, the ones uses are 8 kilowatts to 30 kilowatts.  The ones used in the industry range from 8 kilowatts to 2000 kilowatts. These 2000 kilowatt diesel electricity generators are capable of generating a huge amount of power.

The total weight of the large machines made by Diesel Generator Sets Manufacturers can be 65000 to 85000 pounds. Various sized diesel power generators are used together for functioning in one power generator unit as it gives a lot of flexibility to the owners. But although these machines are widely used in the power generation industry primarily, these are also used in hospitals, for use in ventilation systems and equipments, in fuel supply equipment, in carbon oxide absorbing systems and more. Emergency power diesel generators commonly are available in capacity of 200 kilowatts. They can power entire electricity grids. Of course, it is natural that a number of generators can do the work of a large sized generator.  The size of the generator depends of various factors such as environmental condition, temperature, height or altitude and amount of emissions.

In hospitals, where electricity is required every day and every hour, especially for patients in the ICUs, grid support systems are of huge help during times of power cuts and blackouts