Monday, April 14, 2014

How one can benefit by purchasing Gaskets

Gaskets Manufacturers
Gaskets are mechanical seals which are used for the prevention of leakage from one body to another by being placed in between them. The two bodies can be joined, folded or pressed. Gaskets, although small are wonderful devices than can not only check leaking but they also fill in the irregularities on the surface of the bodies. In the industry, gaskets are made of a number of materials and of the common ones used are asbestos. These are especially used for machines in high temperature and high pressure environment where the chance of fire is high.

Gaskets are made of materials which are somewhat flexible so that they can deform as required during the movement of the two bodies. These fill tight space, prevent seeping of moisture and make up for irregularities.


Generally, gaskets are made of a wide variety of materials but all of these are cut flatly. Materials range from paper, silicone, metal, neoprene, rubber, cork, Teflon, fiberglass and plastic. Most of these especially rubber are flexible in nature and does the function of an ideal gasket.

One of the think one needs to keep in mind when buying a gasket is the compressive strength of the product. Manufactures gaskets are specially designed for withstanding huge pressures of up to 2000 psi. The most amount of compressive load a gasket can hold, the better its function and quality shall be.

Varieties of gaskets

Some of the common gasket varieties is given here. The first one is a sheet gasket. This variety is directly cut out or punched out of a flat sheet of material by Gaskets  Manufacturers. Therefore if the gasket is of plastic the sheet from which it has been cut is plastic as well. Cutting out a gasket a high precision job and is done by heavy duty machines. This variety, due to its ease of make, is crude but cheap. IT also functions faster.

The next variety is the solid material gaskets which are always made out of metal. It is easier to product than most other varieties except for the sheet gasket, and as a result it is readily available and cheaper as well. It can accommodate light pressure and temperature and is very long lasting.

Spiral wound gaskets are made of either filler materials or metal to be made more durable and long lasting than other varieties.