Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ferroalloy Products and their uses

Ferroalloy Products
Ferroalloy comprises of all the alloys of iron where the other elements are present in a considerable proportion. In general, ferroalloys include elements like silicon, aluminum, manganese, chromium, nickel and others. Over the last few years science and technology has improved to a large extent and thus the production of Ferroalloy Products has also gone up. A large number of such products are nowadays widely used all over the world. As there are different types of products available in the market users have to be very careful while making the choice in order to obtain the best quality product.

Manganese alloy

Manganese alloy is one of the most important ferroalloys used at present. Some of the most widely used products manufactured from this alloy are railway tracks, automobile bodies and structural steel. The most important property of manganese alloy is that it is strong enough to support huge weight and at the same time can stay put for a really long time. Hence, it is mainly used where there is a requirement for strength and durability at the same time. Products manufactured from manganese alloy are generally used for industrial purposes.

Chromium alloy

Chromium alloy also forms an important part of Ferroalloy Products. Mainly smaller household items are manufactured from this ferroalloy. Products that are made from chromium alloy include hand railings, dairy equipment, watch bodies, cutlery and stainless steel utensils. Chromium alloy makes these products resistant to heat and corrosion so that they can be easily used for day to day work. Also, products made from chromium alloy does not require much maintenance and so clients do not need to invest any extra time of money in the maintenance job.

Nickel alloy

Nickel alloy is also widely used all over the world nowadays to manufacture different kinds of products. However, in most of the cases this alloy is used to manufacture stainless steel for both industrial as well as domestic use. The nickel content in the alloy is generally up to twenty percent and by weight it accounts for up to ten percent of the total weight of the alloy.

Ferroalloy Products can be bought directly from the manufacturer if one knows where and how to look for. It is to be kept in mind that the quality of these products count a lot and so users must check the quality before making a purchase of these products.