Saturday, July 26, 2014

Different types of Sewing Machine Parts

Sewing Machine Parts
Over the last few years there have been unprecedented developments in every sector of life. With the rapid industrial developments, different types of machineries, belonging to industrial and non industrial background have undergone enormous changes in the passage of time. One of the most useful machines that have been used to a great extent is Sewing machine. Perfectly user friendly and cost effective, this machine due to its commendable qualities has not lost its relevance in present day.

When it comes to domestic purpose of stitching sewing machine is the one should always opt for. Originated more than hundred years ago sewing machines are either electrically operated or manually. Perfect to perform diverse kinds of stitches, this machine is consisted of Sewing Machine Parts and these are as follows-
  • Needle bar- Stitching the fabrics with back and forth stitching style, locksmith style or any other kind of stitching that sometimes require multiple needles to work at a time there is a bar that holds the needles for proper operation and controlling its pace during the operation. Needle is operated by going through the needle plate. 
  • Feed Dog-Feed dog is able to move forward the clothes for further sewing. Beneath the needle plate this is one of the important sewing machine parts.
  • Fly Wheel- For manually operated machine which needs good grip of the machine fly wheel are featured at the side of the sewing machines and is able to respond to the motion while sewing.
  • Bobbin Chamber- This chamber is entitled to move according to the need of the sewing method to catch and retrieve the thread whenever required.
  • Bobbin Winding- One of the significant Sewing Machine Parts is bobbin winding that is made to hold the spool of thread during the sewing.
  • Presser Foot- This part is the exclusively designed to hold the lowered clothes together for better sewing. Driven by the lever known as presser foot lifter this presser foot is an integral part.
  • Thread guide- This part is capable of controlling the thread to keep them in position while sewing fabrics. Threads that are stored in the spool are generated rightly through this thread guide.

Needless to mention that the more perfect will be the parts of the sewing machines, more effective will be the sewing. Not only for domestic purpose, even in the case of fashion industry where last minute experimentation with fabrics is a common phenomenon, these machines are used to a great extent. Sewing Machine Parts Manufacturers ensure the quality of the parts which are likely to ease the entire process. Clients, looking for purchasing spare parts can browse through shopping websites.