Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diamond Cutting Discs: All that one needs to know

Diamond Cutting Discs
There are various kinds of machineries that are seen to be used in the industrial sector. The ever increasing demand of these machineries is due to its excessive utilities. There are many of this kind but to name a few Diamond Cutting Discs deserve special mention. This is one of the most effective cutting tools that are used to cut the hard and sturdy material. There are various kinds of diamond cutting disc and one should make a careful choice to get the best in class product.


There are various kinds of discs that are observed frequently and these are
  • Electroplated disc- This discs are made and manufactured with electroplating process making it harder and capable of cutting the hard materials in lesser time. It is seen that nickel is electroplated on steel to make this kind of disc. These discs are used for cutting the deep frozen items, Silicon, electro carbon and so on.
  • Sintered discs- These discs are manufactured with combination of metal powder, steel and diamond segment. Ideal to be used for smooth cutting and hassle free cutting experience. Thick and stiff, in various usages, sintered ones are the first preference. 
  • Resin Bond discs- These Diamond Cutting Discs are made of polymer which gives it strength and bearing capacity of holding the diamond. This kind of disc is very much common nowadays.

  • Construction Industry- This industry is very much inclined towards using of such disc which is able to cut through the strong and hard items. Manually this is very difficult, but with the help of such tool, thing has become easier.
  • Gem industry- In this industry Diamond Cutting Discs  have wide usage because it is the sole way for cutting diamonds and other precious and semi precious stones for making jewelry products.
  • Information technology industry- There are many cases where certain materials are needed to be cut and some of them happen to be semi conductor, so for this reason diamond blades are most viable choice one can think of.

As far as its manufacturing is concerned, Diamond Cutting Discs  Manufacturers always choose the best possible kind of raw materials that can help make the qualified discs which will be more capable of cutting various hard and semi hard materials. As this tool can be applied in different ways, manufactures always come up with multiple designed products to suit the criteria.