Thursday, January 15, 2015

Types of Auto Glass

Auto Glass
Apart from the shiny, well polished body, Auto Mirrors are the indispensable factor in the style quotient of your automobile. And more necessary, these promote smoothness in driving and also your safety while driving. You may have modified and changed this component on a regular basis to keep your symbol of personality afresh and attractive. With the increasing and consistent demand for Auto Mirrors, various SMEs are getting engaged in their designing, production and supply. You may Google for different B2B portals to gain more information about such companies.

Talking about the designing aspect of automobile, here is some information about the two types of glasses used in automobiles.

Laminated Glass
Between two sheets of glass, a later of PVB is sealed with the help of pressure and heat. This laminated glass sandwich has enhanced strength and ability to adsorb energy at the time of impact. Moreover, it assures that the windshield has the ability to protect you from any projectiles coming towards you while driving. The harmful ultraviolet rays are also blocked by this glass to protect you from its harmful effects. Another benefit of these Auto Glass is that when its broken by an impact, its pieces will not get scattered but will remain stuck to the lamination sheet.

Tempered Glass

This type of glass is made by repeatedly heating a glass and then lowering it to match room temperature. Through this process, the glass achieves high tensile strength and five to ten times increased compressive strength. Benefit of this type of glass is that it breaks into small pieces with no such sharpness which can harm you. Same as the laminated glass, tempered Auto Glass also plays a major role in making the driving safe. It easily withstands the day-to-day rigors of driving due to its strength. It is mostly utilized in the surrounding windows and back windows of automobiles.