Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Know About Ribbons and Laces

Ribbons & Laces
Fashion keeps changing and new trends are seen every season / year. The popularity of garments embellished using beautiful ribbons and lace is evident from its inclusion in national as well as international fashion shows. Various types of ribbons and laces are use in the clothes of women of all ages. Apart from garments, these are also used on bags, purses, gift boxes, etc.

Lace is delicate fabric manufactured from yarn or thread in a weblike pattern made by hand or machine. Different kinds of garments like sarees, suits, tops, t-shirts, gowns, skirts, jackets, shirts, etc. are decorated with attractive laces and ribbons. These are widely acknowledged for excellent features like softness, beautiful appearance and designs, unparalleled elegance, economical value, etc. There are large number of manufacturers, exporters and suppliers around the world engaged in offering variety of laces and ribbons to meet latest market requirements. The ribbon/ lace sellers and suppliers offer these in variety of colors, designs, patterns, and sizes.

Types of laces classified by how they are made:

  1. Needle lace: It is made using a needle & thread. This is the most flexible lace making arts, and can be time consuming sometimes. 
  2. Cutwork/ whitework: This is a lace made by removing threads from a woven background and the remaining threads are filled or wrapped with embroidery.
  3. Bobbin lace: As the name suggests, this lace is manufactured with bobbins and a pillow. The bobbins (turned from bone, wood or plastic) holds threads that are woven together & held in place with pins stuck in a pattern on the pillow. The pillow holds straw preferably oat straw or other material such as sawdust, ethafoam, insulation styrofoam.
  4. Crocheted lace: It includes Irish crochet, filet crochet and pineapple crochet.
  5. Knitted lace: It includes Shetland lace like wedding ring shawl, a lace shawl which is so fine that it can be easily pulled through a wedding ring.
  6. Machine-made lace: Machine made lace is any style of lace made using machine.

There are many other types of ribbons and laces as well available in the market.