Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bentonite Waterproofing- an easy & convenient way to make basement impervious to water

Bentonite Poducts
Bentonite also called miracle clay, is a natural organic product having useful properties and characteristics of coherence, binding, lubricating, sealing, and thickening. Bentonite finds its usage in a wide range of domestic, construction and industrial applications. The particular application we are talking about is Waterproofing- a technique of making an object resistant to water. Bentonite Products is used in building construction industry where waterproof linings are needed.

Is it possible that a layer of gray, fine powder can prevent water from entering basement?

Yes, it is. Many contractors and builders use this granulated clay as a coating on basement foundations to form a watertight barrier that absorbs and expels water. It can expand and contract an infinite number of times and has an absorption rate of fifteen times its normal size.

How it works?

Like any type of clay, Bentonite absorbs water. When the clay gets wet with the moisture naturally present in the soil, it expands generating internal pressure needed to fill the voids and cracks in the foundation, where it stays permanently. Thus, it creates a waterproof seal by self-repairing the damaged areas.

This mechanism is an affordable and effective way to waterproof building's foundation. The clay can be applied either in the form of thin sheets or it can be sprayed onto the foundation.

Problems you can face with Bentonite Waterproofing?

Though it is considered as an effective way, but when you are building your new home, you should check out the other side of the hill also. Some limitations and disadvantages of using this mechanism is as follows:

  • Incomplete coverage
  • Exterior excavation
  • Water leakage from inside the foundation