Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Factors That Improves the Efficiency of Diamond Cutting Disc

Diamond Cutting Discs
To analyze the correct factors that improves upon the efficiency of Diamond Cutting Discs, it is important to first consider the factors that affects the drilling results as well as put an impact on it. For the same, we also need to understand its applications first. As well know that Diamond Cutting Disc is used for drilling concrete, cutting building bridges, floors, pipes, highways, and field stones. Its efficiency in working upon diverse industrial segment make it a lucrative option, and thus variety of material is reinforced into it to improve the functional efficiency of the Diamond Disc.

Making of Diamond Disc for Cutting

Herein, the basic disc is made of steel and the perimeter of this disc have brazing diamond segment having numerous particles of diamond held together with a strong metal bond. Variety of drilling bits are also used to held the composition efficiently. The level of concentration of diamond bits depends upon the size of the disc and the application in which it is going to be used. Most of the manufacturers also prefer Granite Assassin Blade for high strength, and to improve the thermal stability.

Quality of the Aggregates

There are two types of aggregates utilized in making the blade: Soft Aggregates and Hard Aggregates. Suppose, using Diamond Cutting Disc for cutting concrete have different performance level depending upon the type of aggregates. Here, soft aggregates like limestone will take more time to cut the concrete while hard aggregates like quartz will take less time. However, less time means high weariness and reduced life span. Now, it completely depends upon the manufacturers and producers to consider the aggregates type for the specific application.

Some other factors such as size of the aggregates and operating speed are determining factors in the efficiency of the Diamond Disc. If the aggregates size is smaller than, cutting efficiency will be higher, and so vice-versa. And so in the case of operating speed. High operating speed will put increased pressure resulting in higher efficiency while also increasing the weariness.