Thursday, February 26, 2015

Finding means for protection in versatile security industry trade shows

Security Trade Shows
I have been a fan of army and navy force of India as they are the most disciplined people. The security industry in India came into focus after multiple terrorist attacks in India such as Parliament Attack in the year 2001, Mumbai 26/11 terrorist attacks and many other terrorist activities. Since, then I have seen tremendous improvements in this sector, with many specialized companies coming into this business. If you want to gain more knowledge of the security and protection industry, or you want to venture into this business, then I recommend to visit Security Trade Shows.

In these trade shows, the companies of all over the world participate to promote their products and services. Direct face to face communication takes place in these Protection Trade Shows between the manufacturers, exporters, traders, buyers and other business entities of the security industry. By providing a single platform to the buyers and sellers, they can develop strong and wide spread business relations. Besides, the popularity of security equipment is increasing day by day as they are installed in various government organizations, private sector, schools, apartment buildings etc. One of the main purpose behind organizing Security Industry Trade Shows is to spread awareness about the functioning, features, need and other specifications of the security devices. Once the buyer understand the significance of these devices in terms of protection, I think they surely purchase them.

With the introduction of new technologies, the attributes of the protection equipment is also enhancing on daily basis. The companies who want to install hi-tech security systems in their premises or workplace, should explore the Security Industry Trade fairs that are organized on yearly basis in different parts of the world. They are the great source to find technologically advance security & protection tools with multiple innovative features within your budget. 

Private Security Industry in India 

By understanding the growing need of security and protection, the Indian government is investing huge amount in this sector. In the year 2006, this industry has paid around Rs 10,000 Crores to the exchequer through the means of provident fund, service tax, contributing to employees protection etc. The PSA'S play an important role in the overall development of the Indian economy. They not only contribute towards the growth of the government but also generate more employment opportunities for the youth interested in this security & protection domain.

Some most popular Security and Protection Trade Shows of the world:

  •     ACMEE - International Machine Tools and Auto Components Exhibition
  •     AWE - Appliance & Electronic s World Expo
  •     Broadcast India Show
  •     Ceramics Asia
  •     CIAACE - China International Auto Accessories Electronics Tuning
  •     COMEX Muscat
  •     ComVac Asia
  •     FSS Summit Asia
  •     ISLE - Intelligent Sings & Led Exhibition Guangzhou
  •     OSH - Occupational Safety & Health India
  •     Secutech India
  •     UBM Index