Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Which One You Choose: Convention Tea Machinery or CTC Tea?

Tea Machinery
Isn't the answer completely depends upon the customer's preferences? So what does customers prefer? Let us first categorize the customers-the regular tea drinker and the tea lovers. When it comes to Tea Machinery, the debate never fades off. And especially with the manufacturers, who are always in search of serving something new, better, and exotic to the Buyers. Here, in India, Tea is a staple drink, from rich to poor, and from men to women, their morning starts with tea. No Tea in the morning means day begins on bad note. So what does our manufacturers can do? Make profit, serve the needs of large tea drinkers or to cater to the tea lovers. What is the difference here? And How does it related to the producers.

Conventional Tea Machinery: When it comes to orthodox processing of tea leaves through machines, it includes the Withering Machines, Roller Presses, and a Charcoal Fire Heater. Using these tea machines, different grades of tea can be produced: Golden Tip, FTGFOP 1, TGFOP 1, TGFOP, FTGBOP, GFOP, GBOP, and so forth. Grading deteriorates with Golden Tip is the best quality of Tea Leaves produced in the market that contains leaves from stems of the bush.

CTC Machine: Crush, Tear, and Curl Machine helps in processing black tea, wherein, as compared to the Conventional Tea Machinery Systems, instead of rolling at the ending, here, leaves undergoes sharp and small cuts right at the beginning, and then torn, after which, these are cut.

The real difference is in quality and taste. The regular tea drinkers prefers tea that can be quickly prepared giving brown color more easily, when prepared as per India method. However, bitter taste is preferred by some. But then, if your serving the cup to a tea-lover, we suggest to choose tea prepared from orthodox tea machinery.