Saturday, April 18, 2015

Improved and Innovative Bathroom fittings

Bathroom Fittings
Earlier Bathroom fittings might not be the priorities but nowadays they are important just like major furnishing. The proper fittings can emphasize your bathroom designs while the odd ones can kill the overall look. Fitting varies from tapware, shower-nozzles, towel rails, drain systems, soap-dishes and many more. It’s not only about the superficial appearance of the bathroom, other factors like space, placement of fittings and waterproofing should also be dually checked.

Now suction fittings are a new trend which is available in various shapes, sizes and color. These fittings have the ability to suck the air and attach itself to the wall, thus avoiding any holes in the wall. The fittings can attach to any non-porous surface very easily; so disregard the drills, nails and holes in your walls. The modern WC or toilet seat is also important fittings and with advanced technology is congestion free and self cleaning. These also conserve lot of water with their dual flush technology.

If you are a cleanliness freak or a person who likes to change the overall look from time-to-time then suction fittings will prove as your true friends. These fittings can be easily moved from one wall to another with ease.

These suction fittings have an easy maintenance. You can remove them from the wall, clean them thoroughly once in couple of weeks and stick them back. They are good to go for several weeks. They are also corrosion resistant and will look new for a good number of years.

Suction fittings are quite reliable and won’t come off on their own unless we try to remove them ourselves. The suction formula ensures a strong grip thus helping the fittings to stay attached to the walls.

These fittings can be acquired easily from any well-liked online stores and can be installed manually following the instructions manual provided with the product. You just need to ensure that the surface is non-porous and smooth for effective application and grip.

With extensive products available in the market, one can get the fittings custom made as per their requirement at the best affordable prices.