Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Corrugated Boxes – Durable and Eco-friendly Packaging Option

Corrugated Boxes
Packaging has become one of the most earned industry, several types of packaging material are available in it. Among various material, I personally find Corrugated Boxes as the best, it is one of the most used item in several industries. It comes with unique blend of benefits when compared with other packaging materials. Due to having outstanding cushioning and structural rigidity, these types of packaging boxes are widely used for packaging several fragile articles such as jewelery, electronic items, glassware etc.

Corrugated Boxes are preferred worldwide due to their several advantages to ecology as well. These are produced from recycled card-boards and also can be reused several time. You can also keep a stock of these compact corrugated boxes in your store by folding it. Light weight of these boxes also make these replace wooden packaging boxes that were earlier used in several industries.

You can see a variety of options such as Plain Corrugated Boxes, printed corrugated boxes, white colored boxes etc. available of such this most used packaging material. You can safely store your things in this type of boxes and protect them from water, grease, abrasion, oil and shocks that it may have during moving from one place to another.

A large number of Corrugated Boxes Manufacturers are making this reliable packaging material available in the market in various sizes, shapes, thicknesses etc. Companies are also accepting customized orders of these boxes and provide the same as per your goods size, pallet size, samples, drawings or detailed specifications.

The lightweight of these corrugated boxes make these easy to handle and move. Today, such kind of boxes are also offered by the packaging companies with handles, adhesive tape and other fitments that also add to the convenience of their use.

Where Corrugated Boxes are Highly Used?

Sturdiness and weight loading capacity of corrugated boxes make these find their use in several industries such as:

  • Food & beverage industry: Mangoes, Apples, Guava, Beans, Flavored Milk, Curd Packs, Spices and several other eatables are supplied in the market after packing in corrugated boxes.
  • Electronic industry: Boxes that are made from corrugated material find their high use in packing wires, switches, electric boards, televisions, computer, mobile phone and many other precious items.
  • Glassware & Fragile Items Industry- You can easily see use of corrugated packing boxes to pack eggs, snow flakes, flower petals, birds wings, laces, a young sappling and material that are made from china bone, crystal & glass. Human bones, rice paper, tissue paper, flowers, etc. are also moved after packing in corrugated boxes.