Monday, April 20, 2015

Laparoscopic Instruments – A boon to medical science

Laparoscopic Instruments
In ancient times, laparoscope was untreatable and was havoc. But now medical science has been blessed with significant progression and laparoscopy is the latest advancement we are blessed with. Scientists have discovered the technology of laparoscopy and these Laparoscopic Instruments have made the process of operating on easier and appropriate. Laparoscopy is a technique of surgery that facilitates the doctor only to open up the area that has been affected by the ailment and needs to be operated instead of opening up the whole region of body which seizes the affected part. Thus the apparatus required for operating the patient has also been customized and modernized so as to suit and serve the purpose well.

Of all other Laparoscopic Instruments, the laparoscope is the most significant devoid of which the application of this technology is impossible. This facilitates to get into the affected area by just making a small incision in the body. The connectivity of this apparatus with the lens and the cameras assist the doctor to get a vivid know-how of what has gone wrong within so as to perform the proper kind of treatment there.

Apart from Laparoscope, other significant apparatus include modernized-scissors, dissectors and graspers. These instruments are innovatively designed so as to assist the doctor to perform surgical procedure conveniently providing accuracy.  

The clip-appliers, endoscopic accessories and trocars are few other significant and helpful Laparoscopic Instruments designed solely for performing laparoscopic surgeries. Precisely attached with these instruments are the well-organized cameras that are well connected to the patient's area that is being treated. This further helps the doctor to understand the patient’s wound and help in conducting treatment accordingly.

A laparoscope, a telescope and a cold light source are well-connected to each other. Use of carbon dioxide and additional inert gases are mixed up for proper ease in the surgery. Needle drivers and a surgical mesh are also used in the surgical process.

Latest invention is Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery which is a weight loss surgery thru reduction of BMI/Body mass index. This helps aid ailments like diabetes, CAD/coronary artery disease and hypertension/high blood pressure.