Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rudraksha – The Spiritual Healer

Nowadays people are really focused on maintaining their looks, health and a secured lifestyle.  Everybody is consciously working towards earning better in order to attain an improved standard of living within the society.  We come from a society where everybody firmly believes that nothing in this world can be attained without the will of the GOD. Consequently countless individuals try to leverage religious ways which can help them in getting a safe and wealthy life.

Rudraksha is of a great mythological importance for Hindus and they fondly wear Rudraksha for astrologically driven reasons rather than body ornamentation.  For Hindus; Rudrasha is a representation of holiness and spirituality. They would gladly wear them once pundits would tie them up using a spiritual threads post reading spells over it. There is a firm believe that Rudraksha will help them to overcome obstacles and difficult times in work and life while protecting them from any health related problems.  In addition, you would also find homes where Rudraksha’s are kept in pooja room for spiritual reasons.

There are different types of Rudraksha which are identifies based on the cracks in the beads which also helps in their classification. For an example, 1 Mukhi rudraksha will be single faceted and 2 Mukhi will have two faceted and so on. Of all the variations available for Rudraksha, one mukhi is deemed as the most strongest and beneficial. It is highly observed by the astrologers and been considered as a gift from Lord Shiva and the ruling planet is Sun. It is believed to help in removing all evils and negative elements from life and help attain inner peace.

The one mukhi rudraksha is generally available in 2 forms i.e. half moon shape and round shape. The round shape rudraksha is a very rare commodity to find since it was widely used in ancient times. It has more of an antique value these days and hence very difficult to find a genuine one. On the other hand, the half moon shape rudraksh which is popularly known as Kaju Shape is easily available and is widely used.