Friday, May 15, 2015


Coal Suppliers
Ancient way of producing electricity was using coal as a fossil fuel. Coal is basically dark black in color and is a combustible rock forming part of the rock layers termed as coal-beds. Coal constitutes mainly of carbon with hydrogen, sulfur and few other gases like Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Coal today accounts for approximately over 50% of India’s energy needs. Based on research done in April 2009, India has estimated hard coal reserves of around 267 billion tones approximately. Out of this, a large reserve of coal is suitable for thermal power generation and manufacturing of metal. There are various mega power plants planned by the Indian government over the course of next few years to leverage the abundance of coal supply available. Given the rapid economic growth of our country; the gap between the available power supply and demand is increasing day by day which should further foster the growth of the coal sector in the country. At the same time, there is a need for conscious investments in development of new technology which should lead to higher production of coal or even improved productivity at the existing coal mines.

Through the process of coal carbonization, the normal coal can be converted into coke. Coke is nothing but a solid carbonaceous material which is derived through the process of destructive distillation of low ash, low sulfur and bituminous coal. The color of coke post such conversion is usually grey and it is hard & porous. There are few rare instances of finding natural coke besides most of coke is man-made. The usage of coke was introduced by Chinese; they first started using coke as a fuel for cooking and heating purposes.

Due to the widespread use of coal, trading for coal is one of the booming businesses nowadays. Many leading companies in the world have already invested or actively planning to invest in coal sector; with each one of them having their own specialty in supplying coal. Indonesian coal suppliers, imported and steam coal suppliers are few names that are prominent in the coal industry. You may not find a lot of dealers or suppliers in this industry due to the heavy use of product and then it is highly volatile and competitive sector. It is a very unique product and hence requires only selective coal and coke manufacturers, who can ensure the supply of high quality products to the direct consumers.