Thursday, May 21, 2015


Planting a seed, watching it sprout, and see it extend into a grown-up plant is a pleasing and therapeutic experience. Few people do it as a way of livelihood and consuming healthy whereas others perceive it is as a grand way to save money. Some take it up as a hobby and for some, it is the way to earn an income to cater their family.

Seeds purchased from wholesaler are bought by weight. Seeds saving are prevalent from primitive times to save and pass plants from one generation to another. This is an important way to perpetuate seeds & to ensure the hereditary variety of the earth's plants that are corroding at an unmatched and increasing rate. It has been used productively for various plants from so many years. The varieties are called "heirloom" which exists due to dedicated farmers who have faithfully saved seeds over the generations.

Seeds are usually saved from yearly and biennial plants. Seeds from crossbreed or hybrid diversities generate a combination of offspring, which have varied uniqueness than the parent. Saving the seeds from traditional plants in our area is a means of retaining diversity in the area. A great cost saving method is to bank the garden seeds at the end of each growing season which will help augment last year's delicious harvest.

When buying seeds from wholesaler, seeds are sold by weight. Seeds are typically explained with the following terms: Common name then scientific name. now the technical description includes a monitor measure: used to count “the number of seeds”/pound & second “the weight”/”thousand seeds”. The feature “purity” is explained as “no. of seeds” versus “debris in the seeds lot”. Then its “germination rate” which is expressed as no. of seeds that will germinate with suitable circumstances. Then origin and source of seeds is also identified to determine from where the seeds have originated and the Growing information is provided specifying required condition for germination.

Before storing the seeds they should be completely dried in an air tight container and kept in a freezer. Thus seed saving preaches us the awesome sight of environment and by saving seeds we complete the circle of growing.